Hello and welcome to my remake of T05! If you don't already know, T05 is a superhero group created 3 or 4 years ago! I got too much of a short memory to remember!

For those who needs a memory jog! T05 finished with Moonbeam, Rusty, Robyn, Midnight, and Spiral! Moonbeam, has the ability to create things! Rusty WAS psychic, but now she has power of fire! Robyn ORIGINALLY had no powers, but then she attained power of lightning! Midnight has power of Ice! And Spiral can run really fast, so basically super speed.

The group initially started as Team South, with the leader, Charmie! Then in second place Moonbeam, third Rusty and fourth ME! i.e. Spiral!

What I'm doing is I'm remaking it, and adding a few extra stuff! Like new members, new bad-guys! New way how it all starts out! But there will be some of the old characters just remade! If you have any questions what it was originally like, PM Rusty4Coke ! Or if you have P.I. (PonyIsland) Message her as Trekkie!

Well now to start!

In the Beginning

In the deep, vast...and slightly scary Amazonian rain forest, their lived a little bunny rabbit! This rabbit had brown ears, with a white tip. A long chubby body followed the slim neck, and bony head. Its little, blue eyes were squashed into its face. A small twitching nose was placed above two buck teeth. It's strong legs bounced as the rabbits tail flailed in the slight wind.

Its head burrowed through a bush and opened up to a mine field. It's brown mud was placed all over, trees surrounded the area. Only one stood tall with a dozen bulldozers surrounding. A girl in her twenties had chained herself onto it.

"Look lady you gotta move sometime!" a man with a megaphone shouted at her.

"No! Never!" she shut her green eyes, and shook her head. Long blond hair frizzed in the wind.

Once the wind had eventually stopped blowing a small insect flew unseen past the people and onto the womans neck.

A sharp pain caused her to faint. She awoke in her bedroom in London.

"How did I get here?"

She felt her neck only to notice a small, reddish bump.

"Did i get bitten?" then a thought popped into her mind, "What about my great grandpa's tree!"

She began panicking. Then eventually collapsed onto her bed.

"My great grandpa's tree...that's been in the amazon for 90 years..." she thought hard about the place where the tree was, and a tear dropped from her eye. And with that last thought she disappeared with a puff of smoke.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK!" a female Lunarian switched off the on-board computer and headed directly for Earth.

"42576. Moonbeam! Return back to Lunaria!" a face appeared on the screen.

"NO! I'M NEVER GOING BACK!" instead of hitting the button which turned off the communications to other ships, she smashed the eject button.

"Ejecting shuttle seat! Be prepared for landing on Earth!"

"SAY WHAT?!" the girl screamed as she was launched head first to the closest planet.

Whilst Charmie had found herself back in the amazon, and Moonbeam swearing her head and about to crash into earth, a white Wolf with a few red smudges was walking in a small spaced sewer.

"Dump it down!" a voice bellowed from above.

The wolf was lying under a drain where the moonlight poked through the stripes of space in between the lines of closely melded metal.

A dustbin full of radioactive acid landed on the wolf, turning it a bright green. Her eyes opened and she rubbed away the acid from her face.

"What was that? Not rain..." she then realized, "Am I thinking in English?"

She looked in a stream of sewage.

"Me! Rusty the Wolf! Thinking English!" she spoke, "OH SNAP!! MY LIPS ARE MOVING!!...AND ENGLISH IS COMING OUT OF 'EM!"

The reason of the radioactive acid being dumped into an ordinary sewer was because of an experiment created by this demented scientist!


"IN MY LAST WORDS I SAY ADAM SUCKS!" Moonbeam crashed into the laboratory.

"NO!" the experiment was blasted out of the roof and into the close by sea.

"But sir! What about your second experiment! Isn't it still in the barricaded room!" an assistant grabbed hold of an unconscious Moonbeam and threw her outside.

"Yes! But it still has one leg, one eye, three noses and no family jewels..." the scientist headed for a vault and entered a combination.

The vault clicked upon opening. Giant doors slowly split apart revealing a giant test tube filled with green liquid. The scientist wiped some of the condensation off and looked at his possession.

"What should I do with it?" he asked, turning around beginning to order his assistant, "Go dispose of the radioactive acid left from the other experiment." he sighed.

"Yes, sir!" the assistant took some helpers, and picked up the acid thusly taking it out to a close by sewer, "Dump it down!"

In the amazon Charmie was trying to discover how she managed to teleport, from her room in London, to the south American rain forest.

Stepping over cracks left by trees, she came out to the opening where she left earlier. Looking around she noticed a small ditch.

"My grandpa's tree..." she hung her head and again disappeared.

She reappeared to her grandpa's grave, at the Southwellian cemetery.

Before crash landing into the scientists lab, Moonbeam was flung out of her ejection seat and to a faraway town, Southwell.

"Dammit..." she stood slowly up, pushing her back forwards until she could stand up completely, "I do wonder how fast I was going..." she looked up, "Where the hell am I?"

Running through the never ending sewage system, Rusty continued running, and running. Thinking that she could run away from what had just happened to her. But she could still talk, she could still think in English, she couldn't run away from what had happened to her.

After running through the long connection of tunnels, leading straight from Ratcliffe-on-Trent, to Southwell.

"Is the experiment finished yet, sir?" the assistant asked.

"well if I'm working on it, what do you think?" the scientist grunted frustrated.

The assistant stepped out the lab and reached into his pocket, taking out a short cigarette and a lighter. Sticking the long stick of paper, cotton wool, and tobacco through his small lips. Lifting the lighter with yellow fingers he pulled down the little wheel and the lighter burst out a flame. He lit the cigarette, let go of the button, the fire was extinguished.

"Thank god! I needed that!" the assistant blew a ring of smoke to the sky.

"Are yer done?" the scientist stood at the doorway.

"GAH!" the assistant flung the cigarette in shock, it landed on the roof, "hello sir!"

"DAMMIT!" something yelled from the roof.

"I didn't know you smoked! But I suppose even if you're a super genius you can learn something new!" the scientist laughed.

"Wha-What did you want sir?" the assistant stuttered.

"My experiment's finished!" the scientist smiled.

"GAH!" a cry came from the side of the building, followed by a crash and probably some vats hissing.

"What was that?" the assistant turned to where the noise originated from.

Some blur of light fuzzed past the two followed by a blast of wind.

"My experiment!" the scientist smiled.

"Is it okay for it to escape?" the assistant asked.

"I let it go! I wish for it to have a full life!" the scientist watched the distance as the light from the horizon fizzled.

In Southwell Charmie was looking around to get herself used to the town. Passing a large patch of grass, she looked to the other side only noticing a dormant police station.

"This is the police force?" she asked herself.

Whilst Charmie asked herself these many questions, Moonbeam was slowly rolling out of her crater, luckily it was at the edge of the town so nobody noticed.

"Ow..." she groaned while limping in a random direction.

Opening a style, she hoped over. Using her powers, she created a motorbike. She sat upon it and drove off into the distance.

"SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" a little fizzle of light crashed into Moonbeams motorbike causing her to be knocked off.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Moonbeam yelled at a boy who had fallen on the tarmac leaving a slight dent in the road.

"At this very moment...!" he pulled his face out the road, "I believe that I'm lying into the road, front first, butt naked!" he turned his head and smiled.

The smoke cleared and a pale, naked, back of body was shown to the distressed Moonbeam.

Her eye twitched, "GAH!!!" she rolled over backwards covering her eyes, "WHAT THE HELL?! WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!"

"I dunno..." the boy whispered turning around.

"GAR!" Moonbeam continued covering her eyes, "HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW?!"

"Because I don't..." he managed to pull himself out of the crater.

"Well what's your name?" Moonbeam was beginning to calm down.

"Beats me..."

"Where do you come from?"

"Not sure..."

"How old are you?"

"Don't know..."

"Do you know any personal information about yourself?"

"I can run really fast!" he smiled.

"You can?" Moonbeam scratched her head, while still covering her eyes, "I guess I should've noticed that...Maybe you should come with me...I don't know what the people of Earth will do if they see you naked..."

The boy examined Moonbeam closely from a distance,

"You're a Lunarian?"

"Yeah...You know about Lunarian's?"

"YEAH! They've lived on the Moon for thousands of years now! Just too bad the people of Earth don't know about you...probably attack you if they did find out..."

"Erm...okay...My name's Moonbeam..."

"42576, Moonbeam! You escaped from the Lunarian Jail! Not too long ago!"

"Yeah...just keep that information on the DL...Err...maybe we should give YOU a name?" moonbeam suggested.

"OKAY! Like what?"

"How about Adam?"

"Hrm...no...never liked that name..."


"I kinda want a...a...a superhero name! Like yours!"


"I don't think it suits my name..."


The boy's eyes lit up, "YEAH! Spiral sounds great!"


"YEAH!! It suits my power as well!"

"I...But..." she sighed, "Alright then..."

Magicking up some clothes, placing them in front of the newly named Spiral, and waited 30 seconds before opening her eyes.

"I think they're a bit big..."

"Tough! We'll get some normal sized clothes! Just help me with my bike so we can get you to a clothes shop!" Moonbeam headed for her bike.

Spiral attempted to walk normally, because he new that if he used his super-speed he would trip over his new clothing. He did struggle, but managed to work his way over the many pieces of gravel left off by him crashing, and over to Moonbeam.

"Grr...this thing is heavy!" Spiral grumbled.

"You're not wrong!!" Moonbeam pushed her arms under her bike.

"Almost...!" and the bike lent onto the kick stand. (tis probably called like that...)

Rusty had actually made her way into Southwell, and as soon as she found her way at the center, she was caught by the pound.

"Well this isn't particularly good, is it now..." Rusty moaned jumping up and looking through the window.

"VAN!" and again, Moonbeam's motorbike hit something and fell to the ground.

The back of the pound van opened up, and Rusty, along with many other dogs, escaped from the opened door.

"Weird..." Rusty looked towards Moonbeam and Spiral.

"Ow..." Spiral stood up out of the smoke and saw Rusty, talking, "Wow...A talking wolf..."

"Oh...Snap..." Rusty stared at at Spiral in horror.

"Hey!" Spiral whispered holding his hand out, "Nice to meet you! My name's Spiral!"

"You're not scared of me?" Rusty tilted her head in curiosity.

"Why would I?" Spiral laughed and returned his hand to his side.

Moonbeam held her head stepping out of the wreckage.

"Ow..." she groaned.

For some obscure reason Charmie appeared next to the three.

"Where am I now?" she looked around, "Not in London..."

But before Charmie could disappear, a laugh appeared from the uplifting smoke. The four slowly turned to where the laugh originated from.

A tall, well muscled man wearing heavy body armor, lifted up the extremely heavy van, and launched it upon the four.

"Erm..." Spiral circled the group, quickly picked them up and placed them closer to the super powerful enemy.

"So who are you supposed to be?" Charmie stepped forward.

"Stag! The all powerful being!" he held his arms up.

Moonbeam magicked up a giant metal box and placed it over Stag.

"Do you really think this can hold me?" Stag laughed lifting up the box and threw it at the four.

Rusty concentrated on the box closing into them, until it stopped.

"What's going on?" Spiral asked.

"Ow...make the box go away!!" Rusty was in sheer pain.

Spiral ran up to the box and smashed it with his foot, straight towards Stag, and into the ground.

"Wow..." Charmie looked at the steaming mess the four had made.

"THAT WAS OUTSTANDING!" a short, fat man waddled over to the team of superheroes and congratulated them, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Who are you? Some kind of Superhero team?"

"Well..." the three girls looked at each other.

"YOU BET WE ARE!" Spiral jumped in front.

"What?" Charmie looked behind.

"Spiral!" Moonbeam held him back and groaned, "Don't mind him!"

"Yeah...Yeah we are a Superhero team!" Charmie looked up from her shoes.

"Well! What're your names?"




"A talking wolf?! WOW!" the man screeched, "What about you boy? What's your name?!"

"SPIRAL!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"So what's your Superhero team name?"

"Who are you? A reporter?" Rusty asked.

"HA! I wish!" he laughed, "I'm the mayor of Southwell!"

"Say what?" the four looked at him a owe.

"Miss Charmie! You appear to be the leader! What's the team name?"

"Erm...Erm...T...Te...Team South!" Charmie blurted out.

"Team South?" the rest of the group and the mayor looked at Charmie in question.

"YES! Team South!" Charmie looked at the group members sternly.

"Well where do you live? Your secret hideout!" the mayor's questions kept coming.

"We don't exactly have one..." Moonbeam interrupted Charmie.

"Alright! Well there's an old abandoned factory at the edge of town! Maybe you could go there? OH! But where are my manners? You obviously have families that you want to come with you! Or maybe you wish to stay with them..."

The four looked at each other,



The mayor showed the four an abandoned warehouse, with two floors, and eight rooms. The entrance to the warehouse was an ordinary door, through the door was a long, wide room with no lights, two windows and a stairway.

Up the stairs was a long corridor with five doors. Each room through the doors was four identical room with a window in the same place.

Back down the stairs and into another door leading into a small, dark room.

"I CALL THIS ROOM!" Rusty yelled.

"But what about electricity?" Charmie asked.

"Well we'll try and get as many necessities as possible!" the mayor smiled brightly.

"But...?" Moonbeam got the mayor to continue.

"As long as you protect the town from them, then we'll continue letting you stay!"

"What do you mean more?" Spiral asked.

"There isn't just Stag! There's all sorts of...bad people who want to terrorize us!"

"We'll be fine! Just add an alarm to call us when any bad people come to terrorize yer!" Spiral smiled.

The mayor walked out.

YAY! THIS TOOK ME TWO WEEKS TO RIGHT! And I ist not even a bad typer...