Spiral had exited the clothe shop with a big bag of clothes, Rusty was waiting outside.

"So what did you get?" she asked.

"Twenty red shirts, twenty pairs of dark blue jeans, a hell of a lot of undies..." Spiral paused to dig further.

"Alright too much info!" Rusty bowed her head in disgust.

"Loads of pairs of Socks, and three pairs of shoes!" Spiral finished.

"Wanna' race home?" Rusty suggested.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Spiral smiled, gently ceiling the bag.

"Ready?" Rusty asked.

"Yep!" Spiral prepared himself in a starting position.

"GO!" Rusty yelled and began slowly orbing, and Spiral ran down King Street.

He felt his bag lighten once he had gotten to the Burgage dog park. Stopping he looked inside it.

"GAH!" he looked at the top of the hill to see all his newly bought clothes scattered all over the King Street citizens, shops, posts, and cars, "Crap..."

Rusty had finished orbing and now was in front of the Team South warehouse,

"Where's Spiral?" she asked herself looking around.

Stepping inside the warehouse, she noticed Moonbeam fiddling around with the electrics, whilst Charmie was rearranging the living room furniture.

"Hey, did Spiral come in?" Rusty yelled.

"No...why did you loose him?" Charmie answered the question without looking at the questioning wolf.

"Well, we were racing home...I was orbing, and he raced down park..." Rusty looked behind her.

Spiral passed the local newsagents, peered inside, and noticed a sale on bottles of cheap Southwellian coke.

"Cool..." he stepped in, picked up a bottle and looked at the ingredients, "Wow...carbonated water, sugar, E150d, phosphoric acid?!? And caffeine...that's a hell of a lot of crap...maybe the guys might like it!" Spiral looked up at the sale sign, "twenty bottles for £2? That's good...2 litres as well...YAY!" he picked up forty bottles, and handed them to the shop clerk.

"This much?" the clerk asked, looking and feeling slightly disturbing.

"This much!" Spiral smiled brightly with his eyes closed.

"Alright..." the clerk checked every item through the scanner, taking at least half an hour.

Rusty was waiting outside for the happy teen.

"Where yer been?!" she exclaimed sounding insanely worried.

"Inside the shop, buying coke..."

"What's coke?" Rusty rotated her head.

"Some kind of horrible stuff in it...but I wondered if you and the others might like it!" Spiral smiled.

"Cool! Do you need any help?" Rusty offered.

"Yeah...can you orb this stuff home with you? Reckon if I run with them in my hand they'll fall about all around King Street like last time..."

"Is that why you weren't at the warehouse before me?" Rusty was pondering this question while she was looking for Spiral.

"Pretty much..."

"Alright! Happy to help!" Rusty picked up a few bags in her mouth, others she jumped onto, and without a second thought she orbed off to the warehouse leaving Spiral in the middle of the main street with Team South's weekly income of £1000.

"Should I run home..." he spotted the local Game store. Peering through the window he blurted out, "...OR MAYBE I SHOULD BUY THAT!" he gazed loving at he half-price GameCube, and the four free games that came along with it, "I LOVE IT!!" he ran in and bought it without a second thought of what the other group members might think.

Back home, Rusty was waiting for the arrival of Spiral at the front door.

"What the fuck has he found now?!" Rusty orbed the stuff inside and followed it.

"What's all this?!" Charmie wondered in exclamation.

"Spiral's clothes and something called coke..." Rusty placed her front paws onto the counter where she had orbed the bags to.

"Onto, probably a very important question...Where is Spiral?" Charmie looked at Rusty with a scary look.

"I told you we need a chip on that boy!" Moonbeam had her head stuck in the electrical closet, "and it probably wasn't a good idea to give him our weekly allowance either..."

"Can I ask you a question Charmie?" Rusty wondered.


"You're the closest thing in this group that we've got to a human...what's coke?"

"You've never heard of coke? Odd, it's one of the most popular drinks in the planet!" Charmie laughed.

"Well...I'm a wolf who used to live in the I wouldn't really here the latest trends..." Rusty jumped down depressed, "What does it taste like?"

"Well, why don't you try some?" Charmie opened a bottle, and pored it into a bowl, thusly placing it in front of Rusty.

She sniffed it, to a lick, swirled it around her mouth.

"'s bad for your teeth...actually it probably wasn't such a good idea to give it to a wolf..." Charmie bent down to take it off her.

"NO!" Rusty growled causing Charmie to take her hand away.

"You should really think things through Charmie..." Moonbeam grunted from inside the wall.

In town Spiral had just exited the Game shop, whilst unfortunate to him, a bomb had just exploded at the bottom of the street.

He looked up from the bag,

"What was that?"

He ran round the bend, luckily this time not dropping any of the merchandise just recently purchased. Spiral arrived and as the smoke cleared, a fully cloaked girl had placed herself on top of a building.

"Who the hell are you?!" Spiral yelled to her.

"Someone..." she jumped off the building away from Spiral.

Once Spiral had made his way round the corner, she was gone.

"What the hell?" he yelled.

"SHIT!" Moonbeam bashed her head on one of the bars holding a colossal amount of wires.

"You know what I wonder, Moonbeam..." Charmie pondered.

"What...?!" Moonbeam slid out of the crawl space holding her head.

"Why don't you just magic up the electrical equipment?"

"I know! That this isn't going to be the first time I'm going to tell you this! But, I cant! I haven't mastered my powers enough to, magic electrical equipment, or to magic up organs for my body!"

Rusty had figured out the art of drinking through the bottle, and was now guzzling it down by the litre, fortunately for her, no-one had noticed.

"I wonder where Spiral is? He's been taking ages!" Charmie was getting worried for him.

"Probably buying every item in Southwell..." Moonbeam tried some coke, "Hrm..." she spat it into the sink, "That's gross! Don't we have any alcohol?"

"No...should we?" Charmie asked.

"Yeah! Geez'! How can we have a real party without alcohol?!" Moonbeam yelled, at the top of her lungs.

Spiral was still scratching his head, walking slowly up King Street.

"Who was that? Barely saw her...Wonder if I'll see her again...?" Spiral mumbled to himself.

"Who's that?" a passerby whispered, "He looks familiar..."

"Well at least I'm being familiarized..." Spiral smiled.

He sealed the bag tightly, and sped off back to the warehouse.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" Spiral yelled as running towards the front door.

Everyone heard the cry, but thought nothing of it. Spiral missed the door and slammed directly into the wall beside it, leaving on the inside a Spiral shaped dent. The three looked, but they didn't know Spiral enough to think of saying, 'Spiral...'

The door swung open,

"Hello...! How is everyone today?" Spiral was slowly spinning inside, and eventually landing on the sofa.

"Where yer been?!" Charmie yelled at Spiral looking down at him.

"I will tell ye! As long as ye don't get mad!" Spiral was rambling, while encircling his head.

"I cant make that promise!" Charmie folded her arms.

"Well then! I wont tell ye!" Spiral smiled bloating his cheeks, "I bought a GameCube!" he reached into his pocket, took out the money leftover, and handed it to Charmie.

"A GameCube? WHY DID YOU BUY A GAMECUBE?!" Charmie screamed.

"YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T GET MAD!" Spiral turned over.

"No I didn't!" Charmie held her head, "How much did that piece of crap cost?!"

"£50 including four games!" Spiral smiled.

"£50? Including four controllers and a memory card?" Charmie took her head out.

"Five cards actually..."

"Wow that's cheap!"

"So did Spiral do good?"

"No, Spiral did bad!"


"But we can keep it, seeing as though we cant return the games because they were on sale..."

Spiral carefully emptied the bag in front of the newly bought T.V., plugged the socket into the wall, the scart plug into the side of the T.V., and the four controllers into the four sockets.

"What's Spiral bought?" Moonbeam had heard Charmie yelling from upstairs, and had come down to see what the trouble is.

The alarm had managed to start working, thanks to Moonbeam's fiddling with stuff upstairs.

"SHIT!" the entire group yelled.

Rusty had spilled coke all over the floor, Spiral had just managed NOT to cause the T.V to fall over, Moonbeam at this point had jumped a mile, and Charmie had bashed her head on the upper cupboards in the kitchen.

"What is that?!" Moonbeam yelled over the intense loudness of the alarm.

"I reckon that's the 'Town's in Danger' alarm!" Charmie answered.

"Well are we gonna sit here wondering how long that stupid alarm is gonna go on for! Or are we gonna go see what the trouble is!" Spiral yelled while heading towards the door.

"Yeah! Our first non accidental battle! It'll be great! C'mon Rusty!" Charmie teleported off.

"But the coke!" Rusty looked at the spilled coke on the floor in horror.

"RUSTY!" Moonbeam yelled from the garage.

"FINE!" Rusty orbed away.

Spiral walked outside awaiting Moonbeam, and challenged her to a race. His speed versus her motorcycle.

"Who do you think is gonna win?" Moonbeam laughed as she exited the garage.

"...Me...But it was just gonna be for fun..." Spiral lowered his head in discouragement.

"Give me a ten second start...!" she smiled.

"ALRIGHT!" Spiral jumped up and landed on his front.

"Alright...?" Moonbeam started up her motorcycle and sped off.

"Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven..." Spiral watched Moonbeam race round the corner, "Six, five, four, three, two, one!" he jumped up and raced past the mobile Moonbeam, who was in so much shock, that she stopped and watched him briefly run up the hill.

"Even if I was almost at the destination, he would still win..." Moonbeam smiled.

"What happened?" Rusty looked around, forgetting her temporary obsession with coke.

"Robyn happened! Where were you?" the mayor waddled over asking ANOTHER question.

"Who's Robyn?" Charmie asked.

Spiral appeared next to the two superheros,

"OH YEA!" he screamed looking around.

"He was here! Although he didn't do much!" the mayor eyed Spiral angrily.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Charmie also looked at Spiral angrily.

"Well I didn't think it was too important..." Spiral stepped back, "And it kinda got shoved out my mind..."

"Any emergency is important!" Charmie advanced closer towards Spiral.

"And if we don't sort out EVERY emergency we wont get a budget, to buy coke!" Rusty looked up at him upsetting-ly.

"Why didn't the rest of the group arrive when she attacked!!" the mayor exclaimed, "You're not making a very good first impression of a superhero group!"

"Didn't Moonbeam just get the alarm to work?" Spiral suggested stepping forward past Charmie.

"Yeah! That's right!...Where is Moonbeam?" Rusty wondered.

"SHIT GUYS! COULD I HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF ASSISTANCE!" the four could hear Moonbeam call from the distance.

"Where did you leave her?!" Charmie looked at Spiral.

"WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS TEND TO BE MY FAULT?! And I ran past her at the Burgage..." Spiral answered.

Charmie teleported, Rusty orbed, and Spiral ran. The three headed to the same area, to aid Moonbeam.

"Well it is about time you got here! I don't even know who this is!" Moonbeam had magicked up a long pole, and she was protecting herself from the still cloaked Robyn.

"ROBYN!" Charmie stepped forward.

"So, you know my name...?" Robyn stepped back from Moonbeam causing her to fall back.

"Yeah...But you don't seem like much of a bad guy..." Rusty insulted.

"I'm a girl!"

"Bad Girl then! But you still don't seem like one..."

"I..." Robyn threw a smoke-bomb and ran.

"This is weird..." Spiral mumbled, "She doesn't seem like a Stag bad guy...she seems like someone that don't wanna be a bad guy..."

A flash of light occurred in front of the four, then a meteorite came out of no-where and crash landed directly in the middle of Team South.

"Whoa..." Spiral rubbed his eyes and stared.

As the smoke cleared, all they could see was a watch.

"WTF?!" the group yelled staring at the steaming hot piece of what seemed like modern technology.

"Is this town, just a major emergency? 24/7?" Rusty laughed sniffing the watch.