The two men slowly marched down the street, both alert, both looking out for the same thing which they knew would rear it's ugly head eventually. This was the third time the two had been doing this, and yet Zack still felt the same sense of dread and fear welling up inside him as the first time. He felt like he would throw up as a result of mere anxiety, but tried to hold these feelings in, and keep a straight face. He tightened his grip on his sword, still caked with black blood from the last expedition, and looked up at James' face. Beneath his scars and burns James' face looked as determined and expressionless as ever. Zack averted his eyes back to the dark, lifeless road in front of him assuring himself.

"It'll be okay. It'll be okay, God's watching over us. God wont let us die, he wants us to keep fighting for him. We're god's assassins. We're the demon hunters. Ever since that night in the house we've been demon hunters, and…" Zack's thoughts tailed off as he thought back to the night when everything had gone wrong, the night when they had killed Waldo, been released from the house, and within the course of two hours sent the entire world spinning through the apocalypse. A tear slipped down his cheek as he thought of all the lives that had been lost that day. That's why he and James were fighting though, that's why all of the A.N.G.E.L's were fighting, to redeem those who had died.

There was a crack somewhere farther down the street, and both James and Zack tensed up instantly. Zack raised his sword up into a fighting stance and James slipped a hand into his cloak, grasping something which Zack couldn't see. The darkness closed in around the two like a blanket, covering them until they could see nothing. There was another crack, closer this time. That was it. That was Zack and James' prey. It had become so dark now that Zack could no longer see the white metal of his sword in front of him. His ears began to hurt as he strained them harder and harder to hear his target moving around the darkened neighborhood. It was so quiet. Zack began to let his guard down just as he heard the ear-splitting hiss right behind him. He went to spin around and strike when suddenly a blinding light pierced through the darkness. The next few seconds happened so quickly Zack wasn't sure what was happening. He saw James gripping a small lantern, which he had whipped out from his cloak, he saw the demon hovering above both of them, and he saw James eyes roll back in his head. Then the flames shot out from James' palms and enveloped the demon sending him in a smoldering mass back down to the earth. The darkness peeled back, casting the two demon hunters back into the dreary dismal looking gray of morning. The demon writhed on the ground by the two's feet. It's clammy white head swung back and forth with its yellow teeth showing.

"Is it a four star?" Zack asked, praying that it was. It had been one of the four star ranked demons that they had been after, and Zack knew that if this wasn't him then it was a trap, and the four star now knew exactly where they were. The four star would then be able to send countless demons right to them, and the two would be in for a fight to rival that from "the night". James leaned over the demon and spoke something in Latin to him. Zack was just beginning to learn Latin, and didn't understand what was said. The demon pretended not to hear James. James' eyes rolled back into his head again, and his hands lit again with white flames. The demon, not ignoring this, began to scream hysterically in rapid Latin. Zack wanted desperately to know what was being said and watched James' face looking for some sign of what was being said under all of his scars.

"Kill him now, we've got to move." James said as he reached his hand into his cloak for yet another gadget, which Zack couldn't see. Panic gripped Zack as he shoved his blade into the demon's chest and felt it's life fade away under the sword. When he looked up from the demon's corpse James was already running away from the scene with gray clouds rolling in overhead, making the dark scene even darker. Zack took off after James as flames began to shoot from James' hands catching trees, bushes, and houses on fire to their left and right. The darkness began to envelope them again, but this time the light from the burning landscape provided the two with enough light to see. Creatures covered in black cloaks began to appear from between the houses sprinting towards the two. First five of them, then ten, then twenty, until soon the two A.N.G.E.L.'s had hundreds of demons chasing them.

"One Stars!" Zack yelled up at James (who he was slowly catching up to). James veered suddenly to the left, avoiding some demons who appeared in front of him, and sending a wall of flame into two of the soldier demons who were at his side. James ran quickly down the driveway of a two story house and flew through the doorway with Zack right at his side. They veered up the stairs onto the second story with demons charging into the house rapidly from the doorway James had entered. Zack glanced back and swung his blade around, cleaning the head off of the condemned soul behind him. The two entered a room at the top of the stairs to find themselves trapped inside of a small bedroom with two windows and a bed. Zack turned to go back, and found that the demons were now up the steps and charging the room where he was stuck in.

CRASH. Glass exploded behind him, and Zack turned to see James launching himself out of the window of the house they were in and crashing through the window to another bedroom in the house next door. Zack turned to follow suit, but halfway out of the window he felt a clammy hand grab his ankle. His body swung awkwardly between the houses and smashed with a thud into the wall of the house he had jumped out of. The demons began slowly pulling him back in and he knew that all hope was now lost. His eyes searched the sky for some sign of Hope from God. As his knees were pulled back into the house a smile lit on his face, as he noticed the white blob racing down from the sky. His dove, Hope, shot into the window he was being dragged in, and passed like a bullet through the body of the demon pulling in Zack. He fell out of the window and landed two stories below on the ground with a thud as Hope raced back out of the window, screeching her war cry.

Zack regained himself and glanced around just in time to see James racing towards his motorcycle where he had parked it. Zack grabbed his sword from the ground where it had fallen and ran across the next three houses lawns to the vehicle, jumping on right behind James. As James gunned the engine, Zack sheathed his sword and grabbed his shotgun out from it's holster on the side of the bike. The two took off back towards Eden, with Zack shooting the few demons that managed to reach the bike before they were gone. It was a three hour ride back to Eden. Plenty of time to think of what had gone wrong.