So once more I dip my quill into clear ink
To fritter away words I dare not print
In permanent coloring on this blank sheet
My time and effort wasted for I cannot think

Wrote you a picture, drew you a song
Loved unconditionally till the love was gone
Foolishly promised a forgotten lie
Hung tearstained handkerchiefs out to dry

What I hate the most is the best inspiration
Because heartache is known as most efficient
In a world where fakes and lovelorn unite
I want to just hold onto one memory tonight

Scribbling away my mind doesn't say it at all
I knew that those who dare jump always fall
And I fell hard, fell to the ground
Not one person to help me up stuck around

Picked up the pieces scattered on the floor
Wrote this note and closed the door
"Love me and leave me, you shall not
You foolishly promised a lie you forgot."