all i need is to dance in the rain
of an intense thunderstorm
and feel the icy cold droplets
trailing down my face;
off my arms and naked skin
feel the rain drenching me-
pjs clinging, hair curling into
it's typical wet form,
just waiting-
for the rain to numb me;
and feel my anger slowly slip
like morning frost on chartreuse grass
to raindrops on damp humid skin;
waiting to lapse into withdrawal-
to escape native emotions
of rage and heartbreak
they would never understand;
they would never understand
hide the pain; hide them well:
just a flash-
quick as lightening
let it disappear;
don't make a sound
never reveal the weakness;
the vulnerability
and just dance-
dance in the rain
and wait
wait for everything to slip away
within translucent raindrops
let its gentle caresses
mark its own path before
dropping and shattering
upon warm pavement
leave me;
just leave me
in my bittersweet euphoria
until the storm stops and
i lose myself within me