Hate at First Sight

Chapter: 2

-Sorry for the long wait guys, I've had my final exams to attend to, but now I have nothing but free time and boredom so let the chapters roll on!


Mrs Gerby hadn't been amused at my loud exclamation of horror from being perved on by the grey-eyed-jerk. No sympathy at all.

It was some time after 8 by the time I had finished scrubbing the dissection boards and though I had washed my hands (including my arms) with extra concentrated dishwashing detergent several times afterwards, I still felt quite unsanitary. In some cases quite large pieces of animal chunks had remained on the board from the past dissections. In one case a whole rat leg had been squished on a board.

As I exited the deserted building I was hit with a strong draught of cold wind and I zipped my jacket up to my chin and pulled my shoulder bag to my chest. I wondered how many women got raped walking in the dark from campus because they had to stay late to scrub the dissection boards for their gnarly and bitter biology teacher. I put my 'don't mess with me' glare on, that had been proven to repel the male species from talking to me on numerous occasions and set off at a fast walk.

But nothing happened at all on my journey to my car, parked a convenient three blocks away, and I got back to my dorm building safe and sound.

As I went to unlock my door the staccato beat of Fergalicious wafted through the door. Ashley sat at her desk, delicately applying makeup to her face in front of a small mirror propped up against her books. "What you up to?" I asked.

"I have a date with Jarred Conner!" she sighed in a way that made her look delirious. She turned around with a big smile, I raised an eyebrow at her questioningly. "And your coming as a double date, so hurry up and get ready."

"What?" I asked not understanding. "How can it be double date when there is only one of me? Wouldn't a proper term for such a date be a three wheeler?" I asked throwing my book bag and car keys onto my bed and sitting down on the edge.

"Well Jarred Conner's friend apparently likes you, and when I told Jarred who my room mate was, he asked me whether I was interested in a double date!" she said, tapping some concealer onto her forehead. "The good thing about a double date is that there are limited awkward silences and if both of them turn out to be complete bogan's or serial killers we can devise a plan and escape together!"

"You already look quite smitten with this Jarred character, but what if my date turns out to be a Jeremy Smith? How am I meant to escape without jeopardising your chances with Jarred?" I asked putting forth my argument while pulling out a pair of pyjamas from my closet.

Jeremy Smith had been a boy that had asked me out last year. In no way was he hot or drool worthy, but I had been flattered that he thought I was 'cute' and I agreed to go out on a date with him. During the entrée Jeremy's hand had sneaked up my skirt to massage my inner thigh. Needless to say I excused myself to the bathroom and escaped out the window.

Ashley saw the pyjamas and gave me a glare. "Well you will just have to sit it out and insert your witty comments whenever there is an awkward silence between Jarred and I," she said, dropping the pleasant act. I raised an eyebrow at her again. She sighed. "Fine, I will lend you my George Swat dress whenever you need it," she said resignedly.

I pretended to think over my friend's proposition. "So what's the name of the guy I'm dating?"

She smirked evilly, "I knew you couldn't resist the dress." I scowled and threw a pillow at her.


"So do you have any idea who this Jack Devon is?" I asked as I straightened the top of my dress. While Ashley had gone for a svelte and sexy look with a tight back dress and 'sex' hair I had gone for a more demure girl next door look with a pretty white and red dress.

"Nope," she said, looking into her compact mirror while we waited outside for the boys to pick us up.

"Shouldn't we be driving ourselves to the restaurant?" I asked. Ashley closed the compact mirror and gave me a questioning look. "Well, if we needed to escape, how would we get home?"

"She shook her head at me, "Have you no faith in the male species? They can't all be directly related to cave men, some have to be distantly related, and when you find the man that seems to be so distantly related to the cavemen that he is almost a different species, that's when you put a ring on his finger and become all possessive and clingy," she said knowingly.

I frowned, "and Jarred is the man that is almost a different species?"

"Well the closest one I could find to a different species, Johnny Depp is currently unavailable," she said as a shiny black sports car rolled up towards us.

The top was down and in the front seat a man with ruffled brown hair and piercing green eyes looked over at us grinning. Ashley grinned at him and got into the passenger seat next to him. I looked at the man in the backseat, arm outstretch over the back of the leather seat, mouth posed into a cocky smirk, "You!" I gasped.

His smirk widened if possible, "Yeah, it's me baby, jump in." I looked over at Ashley, who giving a five hundred megawatt smile to Jarred then turned and gave me a warning look. Sighing, I got into the backseat beside the 'evil' one who I now knew to be named Jack Devon.

"So you two know each other?" Jarred asked, sending a look over his shoulder, before turning back to the road.

"Yeah, we're old friends," Jack told him, giving me a wink. In return I gave him the biggest greaser I could muster before turning to look out the window. Jack only laughed at me.


The double date for Jarred and Ashley was going superbly. There was barely an awkward silence. She would lean in to 'hear' him better and he would give her a roguish grin.

On the other hand, on the opposite side of the table, things were going, well, badly.

"So how were the dissection boards? Smelly at all?" Jack asked politely.

I narrowed my eyes and his innocent look. "Don't worry Jack, they had nothing on you."

"So you don't think I smell good?" he asked in mock sorrow, eyeing me with grey eyes twinkling with laughter.

"I think you smell like garbage compost, but I'm sure if you used a bar of soap and some deodorant, you could change my mind," I said, earning a swift kick from Ashley, who must have heard me. I sent her a glare, as Jack cracked up and started laughing.

"I'm wounded," he barked.

"Sure doesn't look it, let me try harder," I gave him a sickly sweet smile.

He smirked and leaned in, his hot breath fanning the skin of my neck. "Definitely Tammy, does that mean I get to see you again?" he whispered into my ear. My heart sped up as his breath arose goose bumps along my skin. I pretended his proximity didn't affect me.

"When pigs can fly," I told him.