Lessons from Absurdity

Chapter Three

Kane Elliot Stone's P.O.V.:

2nd Semester Humanities I Class:

This man's laugh is making me want to shoot myself in the face. I rest my head on my arms, which are folded over an open page of my notebook as I keep staring at the screen in the front of the classroom. We finally get to the 1800s in this class, and I get this. I get the movie Amadeus, which wouldn't be bad if it didn't coincide with a massive headache that makes it so I can't even think hard enough to ignore the incredibly obnoxious laugh of Mozart's actor.

I close my eyes and sigh, burying my face into the sleeves of my black sweatshirt. Maybe if I take a nap the pounding in my brain will go away. I try to let my attention drift off so I can sleep.

"Hey. You okay?" I look up to see Alex looking at me with a curious look on his face. I sit at his table now when we're in an actual classroom and next to him and his friend, Al, when we're in the theater where Humanities is normally taught. He's less annoying than he used to be and he's a role player, which means he has interesting character stories. Well, interesting when I can understand them. Alex and Al have their own world, it seems.

"Not really. I have a bad headache." I take off my glasses before I bury my head back into my sleeves when a particularly stubborn shot of pain throbs behind my eyes.

"Think you need aspirin?" I feel something stroking the side of my head through my hair, which I took out of its ponytail to try and help my headache. It's a comforting feeling, but for a moment I have no idea what it is. I look up again and realize it's Alex. Alex is petting me, and I'm not stopping him.

"Unless you know someone who's got some, it doesn't matter. The nurse won't let me have it." I put my head back down to watch the movie again, and Alex's hand doesn't leave my head. I smile slightly; he's being nice to me. He seems to do that, though I don't know why. As I stare at the composer's movie, a content sort of feeling creeps into me, despite the pain in my head. I kind of like Alex. I think I like him more than I should like him.

I stop my train of thought a moment. No. I don't have a crush. There's no way. I'm not stupid enough to try to get involved with trivial high school romance, especially with someone of the same sex. I absolutely refuse. It's futile. I haven't done it yet and I'm not about to start now, especially with someone whose shown no interest. I smile a little more as he scratches my head. If I don't have a crush, then why am I not telling him to leave me alone? I should be. Am I hopeful or something? I thought I got rid of that when it came to stupid things like relationships.

"Hey Al," Alex says in loud whisper. "Hey Al, wake up,"


I glance up to see Alex poking his friend in the shoulder and Al looking up sleepily. "Do you have any aspirin? Kane's got a headache."

"I do in the band room." Al responds, awake enough now to realize a question was asked to him.

"Damn your band room." Alex responds without missing a beat. Most of his friends are in band, Al included.

"It's okay." I respond, putting my head back down onto the sleeves of my sweatshirt. "I think I'll just take a nap." I leave my glasses on the table, staring at the screen that the movie is on. It's now turned into a somehow more eye offending blur, due to my bad eyesight, but I really don't care at this point.

"That's a good idea." Alex responds and out of the corner of my eye I watch him throw a shiny gold book I know contains their roleplays at Al. "I responded."

That's the last of their conversation that I really pay attention to, letting my mind drift elsewhere, to character ideas I've been trying to urge into existence, to threads of doubt I have in my conviction against 'love', and finally to sleep.

I feel something prodding against my arm through the haze of sleep still covering my brain. "Hey, Kane, Class is over."

"Hm. What?" I ask sleepily as I rub my eyes against the lights that got turned on at some point. I reach for my glasses as I look over at the black blurry shape in the chair next to me. I realize it's Alex once I can see and I stare at him blankly until he repeats what he said.

"Class is over, Kane. You slept through it." I blink at him, kind of surprised I slept that long. "How's your headache?" He asks, looking sort of concerned.

At that question, I notice that I'm no longer in pain and that my nap must have worked. "Yeah, I'm all right now. Thanks for waking me up."

I go to put my hair back in its ponytail before I get my stuff and stand up, but Alex is grinning at me funny. I stop and put my hands back down, shrugging at him. "What? What are you looking at me like that for?"

He leans toward me, still smiling like that, and before I can stop him, licks my cheek "I'm glad you're feeling better!"

I flinch and pull away from him. My hand going to my cheek while a look I know is a horrified one comes over my face. I can't believe he just did that! I don't like being touched by people I don't really I know as a rule and he just fucking licked me! Anger rises in me and I glare at Alex, who is giving me a look like he's wondering what he did wrong.

"What in the world gave you the idea that that would ever be okay to do!?" I snap at him, grabbing my binder and getting up as I continuously wipe my cheek. I can't believe I thought I was attracted to someone who has such little regard for personal space. I walk out of the classroom without looking back, raging inwardly. I know I'll calm down about this soon, but he better not touch me ever again because I swear there would be a fight.