Red Light

A man passing a red light,
Do not stop and see.
Look both ways in a vary sight,
He doesn't feel the need.

A man stopping at the red light,
Looked both ways indeed.
People passing with a smile,
In no hurry, in no need.

There's a man under a red light,
Counting the seconds with time.
There's not a worry in his mind,
But the radio sounded high:

"An earthquake occurred somewhere west,
A hurricane creates some waves.
There's poverty in the rotting fields,
And disease on its way.

There's violence in the darkened streets,
Somewhere a gun was pulled.
Fire within ranging beasts,
Fear in a house they meet.

A tree fell down somewhere south.
The homeless walk the streets.
There's an oil spill out in sea.
Pollution out we breathe."

The man waiting under the red light,
Head shaking at the speeding guy.
A minute past, light turns green,
The man moves on
Without a heed.