You softly swear

And say that you're through resisting

Taking me by the shoulders

Pressing your mouth

Hard to mine

Enough to


Running your hands


To my hips

And pulling them

To yours

You didn't spare me

A passing glance

Avoided my eyes

Shoved your hands

Deep into pockets

To keep from touching me

I feel you begin

To pull away

After finally ending

This dancing we've done

Around each other

And I take hold of you

I won't let you go

This time

You came back

After so long

I met you at the door

And you murmured

How much I'd changed

Reaching out a hand

And making to touch my hair—cut short since I'd seen you last

Your fingers paused

And your hand dropped back down to your side

You catch my hint

That I want you too

And your tongue meets mine

Warmly gliding

And exploring my mouth entirely

I moan to let you know

Don't let me go

Taking your mouth from mine

Just for an instant

You tell me that you want me

And I tell you that I always have

You lift me up

Turning your mouth back on mine

And move to the bedroom

I was doing dishes

And wondering when

You'd talk to me

When I'd be around you comfortably as I used to be

Before you'd gone away

For a reason you hadn't cared to tell me

You came up behind me

I could feel you breathing down my neck

And you watched me

For a while

You swing me down

And lie above me

Never breaking your lips away from mine

Your hands move under my shirt

Over my stomach, my back, my waist

Making me shiver, quiver, tremble

I'd watched you sleep once

When you'd passed out downstairs

You had looked peaceful


And you moaned in pleasure

Shifting around

I wondered if you were dreaming of me

I hoped you were dreaming of me

You pull away my clothes

Freeing me of restrictions, and I returned the favour

Resistance was breaking

And you finally pulled away your mouth

Trailing down my neck, my collar, my shoulders, my breasts

Your hands brushing my thigh, slowly moving up

Your tongue smoothing over my skin

I trail my hand

Down your spine, and you shudder beneath my fingertips

You gently nip me

I whimper, wanting more

You had come close

To kissing me

Just that once

When I felt your breath

Saw you through half lidded eyes

Willing you closer

But you pulled back

And walked away

Without another word that day

Why did you resist?

Your penultimate movement:

Holding my head in your hands

And kissing me tenderly

Hot kisses that burn my lips

And warm my entire body

The fire spreading

I gasp

When you push into me

I cry out

When you drive me to coming

Harder and faster with each sound I make

And with a tremor and a moan of satisfaction

I relax into the bed

Breathing heavily

Your skin

Clinging to mine

Your arms and legs twisted in mine

Resistance broken