Gracie was tired. Of everything. She was ready to give up. Ever since she moved 1 year and 9 months ago she had been depressed. Max helped some. He was her one real friend, the person she trusted more than anyone else in the world. But Max wasn't going to be around forever. Being two years older than Gracie, he would be leaving for college before she was ready. She loved him. She wasn't sure how long she had loved him, but she knew she did. And he didn't love her, not in the same way, which made everything way worse.

It was bad enough that Gracie told Max everything, absolutely everything. Max constantly reminded her that he couldn't help, that she needed to talk to someone else. She didn't understand why she didn't want to talk to anyone else, she just didn't. She didn't trust anyone the same way. The words just didn't want to come out when she was talking to anyone else. It sucked. Big time. And it pissed her off, and made her even more depressed.

Eventually Gracie had enough. She was going to kill herself. She took two painkillers, then two more and two more again. That's when Gracie started panicking. She signed on AIM and told Max what she had done. He told her to go lie down and go to sleep. So she did. But not before she took two more pills. Then Gracie sank into her bed and passed out.


The next morning Gracie woke up, and cried. Throughout the day Gracie and Max swapped emails when they could, and it was decided that Gracie would talk to her favorite teacher, Ms. Johnson, after school.

Things were going fine after school. Gracie and Ms. Johnson were talking about school and grades and stress, when Gracie decided she really wanted help. On a sheet of paper Gracie wrote, "I almost killed myself last night" and passed it to her teacher. Ms. Johnson then folded it, stood up, and said, "Come on."


Gracie followed Ms. Johnson…straight to the school counselor's office. It was already quite awhile after school had ended, and Gracie was silently praying that no one was there. One person was, Mrs. Adams. "Do you know her," asked Ms. Johnson. "Yeah," was the hesitant reply, "...she's my counselor." "Perfect!" Gracie mentally kicked herself.

Ms. Johnson walked right up to Mrs. Adams' open door and knocked on it. Mrs. Adams looked up as Ms. Johnson said, "I have someone here you need to talk to, and you need to call her parents." Gracie started shaking her head vigorously as her teacher looked back at her after stressing emphasis on the word parents.

Ms. Johnson continued talking and showed Mrs. Adams the piece of paper, "Gracie gave me this when we were talking earlier." The counselor read the paper and after a few seconds said, "Ok, I'll take care of it." Then Gracie was told to sit in the counselor's small office, and her favorite teacher -who was quickly losing her favor- walked away.