( ch.1)On Earth as It Is In Heaven.

And I watched as the sunset cast an eerie shadow onto the creek. All the light had been mixed into darkness as I had to shield my teary eye from the pastels painting the sky. And oddly enough I came here in search of something to give my life perspective, but it seemed to do quite the opposite. The minute I stepped into my wooded retreat everything just seems to go right. The swaying branches are enough of a beat to keep me humming as I walk along the creek's shore. The rushing water soothes my nerves and the shadows return. It hadn't been their first visit to the sunset, they came every night almost like clockwork as the sun began to hide behind the trees. All I could ever make out was their shadowy figures on the other side of the creek, but now they were heading toward me. They were coming to my side of the creek something they had never been daring enough to do. I never heard full sentences come out of their mouths, only short and ill tempered commands as if they knew each other well enough to read their mind through the faces.

They joined hands and looked towards the sky chanting "Grace like rain, Grace like rain" until the sun was swallowed by morose clouds completing the darkness. It had continued until the clouds split and rainy mist had poured down like teardrops; forcing me to shield my eyes. The winds continued so I ran at my first instinct. I couldn't get that vision out of my eyes. The shadowy figures getting larger, the chanting getting louder. Just as I looked up at the sky, I saw four large winged figures soaring into the sky. Flying the opposite way from the earth.

I slowly walked my way home down the block before my parents got worried about where I was.

"Where have you been young lady, we were worried sick about you!" was the familiar greeting I got as I walked in the door , late as usual.

"down at the creek, where else?" was all I had responded as I threw my backpack lazily on the floor and slumped up the stairs.

" I'm going on my computer and watching Television, I'll be down for dinner" was all I said as I left my parents in the usual state of confusion. The stairs had creaked beneath my feet as I looked at the homely paintings of mine hanging on the wall, back In the days when I actually had to try to create something creative. Now it just came. I had always been the different girl, the one who would rather sit in the corner and sketch instead of partying and letting my life go to waste. Being adopted at 2 after both my parents were arrested, I don't have a single memory of them. I was placed in a home in Rye, New York. Not the place of my exact choosing but it did ok. I never seemed to fit in so my time at school was a waste. I wanted to be a artist and what did I have to learn at school? All they would do is cramp my creative style. What was the point?

It seemed the minute I walked upstairs and turned my computer on, my mother called for dinner. I screamed down the stairs that I would be right down as I started up the modem, so by time my feast was done in the kitchen I could get right on. I walked downstairs, grabbed a plate of food and walked back upstairs before my parents could say a word. I turned on the TV, but fell asleep before I could get a piece of food in my mouth.

"Wake up! I thought I told you we were leaving at ten to go school shopping Hun!" was the alarm I woke up to, more annoying than the usual beep. The perky voice was enough to stimulate my brain and wake me up in a instant.

"My alarm clock didn't go off. I forget to set it last night."

"Well, Lets go! We need to hit the sales before they run out! I saw these really adorable skirts…" It was then that I began to tune her out. Her annoying perky voice was the last thing I wanted to hear as I had to search for my converse and my dark wash jeans that matched my band tee perfectly. I liked the way I dressed, it expressed myself and it didn't express the like of my peers, my parents or anyone else. I am who I am and no-one is going to change me. Now if only I could get that through my mother's head….

So, here I was standing in line and Hollister, the peppiest store you could find. I settled for a pair of Dark brown jeans and a Jean jacket to satisfy my Mother's taste. And the funny thing was that she thought I was going to actually wear it. I stood in line and looked away as the cute guy I had no chance with took my clothes and rang them up. I looked the other way, feeling so out of place with all the other guys in the store. All dressed so revealing, they got what they wanted when they wanted it from who they wanted. I had to actually work for things.

The ridiculous clothes cost my mother a fortune, and I felt horrible knowing that they would be thrown out or shoved in the back of the closet but it had to be done. There was no way around it. Just the way I dressed bugged my mother. Dragging her into one of the stores of my choosing would give her a heart attack. I was the perfect stereotype of a teen.

I went home and checked my e-mail after throwing the bag of clothes on the floor, which was where they would stay for centuries. There was only one e-mail reminding me of the band practice I was being forced to attend. Mandatory. No choice. Joy. So I dragged it to my saved e-mail and grabbed my notebook and journal.

"Goin' for a walk" I yelled to anyone interested as I walked out the door. I grabbed a granola bar and a SoBe drink from my stash behind my bed of decent treats. My parents were such health freaks that the buying of ice cream or cookies was celebratory, and should be taken for granted. So I took out my black key and locked the door, so if they were to go looking for me they would of known that I had left. It seemed like I lived in a house of ghosts. My father working during the day and my mother working the night shift at the post office meant that there was rarely anyone around to watch me, and if they were they were sleeping. Big difference that made. So, I basically I took care of myself and the house on my own. I know they tried to be there as much as they could, but they didn't complete college so it was hard for them to get jobs with decent hours, so they had to do what they had to do in order to survive.

Now, this is the time I would call my friends to hang out, if I had very many. School started in a week and my only two friends ( Rachel and Kylie) were both on vacation with their families, leaving me alone and bored to death. There was no guy in the picture, there never has been and with my luck there never will be. And that's about it. I was bored out of my mind and there was some kind of peace down by the creek. I went in hope of inspiration. As I got closer, I saw the fire that the four boys had huddled around in warmth yesterday during their ritual. It was then that I thought about everything.

Nothing fit. There boys wore clothes that were screaming Birchwood, the private school I attended . They seemed to be chanting some kind of religious ritual. They sprouted wings. They flew? How did any of this make sense? Maybe I was going crazy. Yes that would make sense. Maybe there was something in the fog down here sitting above the creek. But like day. I saw everything that had happened. So I pulled out my sketch book and my charcoal pencil and began to sketch. The beautiful wings seemed to stretch across the sky to protect the world as the backs gleamed against the moonlight. These creatures inspired me to reach my creative max. I could just feel their presence and that they had been here. The ashes of the fire still remained surrounded by rotting wood and everything seemed peaceful but eerie at the same time. As the sun went behind a cloud it quickly reflected off a cloud. So I was forced to get off the soft rock, pull my feet out of the water and see what had caught my eye. As I walked over, I had seen what appeared to be a cross. A tiger eyed cross.