The first time I met you,
You told me life was like a desert.
Barren and wasted.
And I pondered and told you
Life was more like a flower
Waiting to bloom.
And you said I was stupid
And the world hadn't gotten to me yet

On the way home with you,
You told me your glass was half empty
And asked me what I thought of that.
And I shrugged, and told you
If it bothers you so much, get a refill.
And you got angry
And stormed away.

The night I took you to prom,
You told me there was no future for you,
That you'd given up all hope.
And I held you close to me, and told you
If you've given up,
I can give you mine
And we can share a future.

The day I found you
In your bathroom
The bottle laying on the floor next to you
You said you didn't care
It didn't matter
Love was a lie
Beauty even more so
And I called the number
And held your hair as you heaved
And waited for you to return
As you went away in the ambulance

The day I met you again
It seemed like the first time
But this time
You took my hand
And you looked in my eyes
And asked if I would help you
Start over
And teach you to see the beauty and hope
You so craved