The ground spreads


Through the broken earth
Eyes blank

Dull stares

One thought
Food craved

They walk the earth
Terrifying our dogs
On their everlasting hunt
For brains
And love

When dinosaurs wake again
Disturbed by toxic waste
The stegosaurus with

All the velociraptor friends
Will stomp and eat our
While people flee
"They're coming!"
"They're coming!"
And he will wonder
Why his friends are all

So small.

When dinos wake and walk the Earth
They'll shake the ground with mighty girth
'Jurassic Park' has nothing on
These undead beings on your lawn
They'll stomp and knock your door with power
To ask you for two cups of flour
One just might up and eat your cat
But they're good neighbors, other than that.

The dinos roar
Pterodactyls soar
Up in the sky
They hear no cry
From those below
Shivering in snow
They stand in awe
Of what they saw
The ancients crawl
And rise so tall
Up from the dirt
Though none were hurt
They stand in awe

Of what they saw
Those dead and gone
Now stomp the lawn
Though called 'extinct'
They're quite distinct
Ancient reptiles, from
The cretaceous they come.

Gently creeping
Through museum halls
Stealthily peeping
Around confining walls
Suddenly woken from long, long sleep
So very different, and yet the same
For many years, they make not a peep

The meteor is assuredly to blame
It is not often creatures rise from the grave
To carefully prowl where they have been kept
Their bones preserved, archeologists gently save
Tedious hours with little brushed they were swept
The dinosaurs have returned after long
Those who walked and those who flew
They wish to raise their voices strong
To say that dinozombies are people, too.

One more poem, one that rhymes
Undead they are, they have become
The creatures that come from ancient times
Mourn for where that once came from
Those times with trees so tall and strong
They cry for, and with tears it rains
They'd eaten trees and plants so long
But all they crave now are, "Brains, brains, brains."