Tears of Heaven

Kristine U.

The skies were dark, and heaven's tears fell. She stood completely still, gently looking at the stranger who was looking back at her from the other side of the street. She held her bag close to her body and kept herself as composed as possible. From where he was standing, the guy began to walk towards her direction. The girl's heart beat faster. She inhaled a lungful of oxygen and looked at the stop light, realizing a second too late that it was still red. Before she could motion the guy to stop, a truck came speeding towards him… And then, she just saw him lying lifelessly on the ground, his beige trench coat stained with crimson. She instinctively ran towards him, and held him in her arms feeling something so warm and gentle with the stranger's dissipating presence. Her vision blurred and droplets of tears fell from her black eyes. She held him close and wept; not really knowing why. The young woman looked at the stranger's left hand and noticed a black object. Before she could move to take it, the guy coughed and whimpered slightly as he forced his eyes open and look at the person who held him close. Though he was surprised, he smiled and looked at her crying face, trying to find the words to say. His rib hurt, god, it felt like he'd been hit by a hammer jack and it was so hard to speak because blood was coming out of his mouth and his body felt so weak. But he has to say something; he had to tell her who he was, to tell her he'd been looking for her. He grimaced and raised his left hand, where the black pouch was. Then he forced himself to say the words he'd wanted to say to her…

The girl watched hopefully at these signs of life, she watched him raise his left hand and open his bloodied mouth… She smiled and whispered:

"Live, so we can be friends…"

He heard her gentle words and saw her beautiful smile… Drawing strength from it he whispered:

"I always loved…you…Christine…" And there was pain; it hurt in his chest, his rib cage…when he saw how the smile vanished. Tears gave way once more as he opened his left hand and showed her the object he treasured the most… From that moment, he felt her tighten her embrace around him and cry.

The lights dimmed and he felt sleepy… he heard her pleads to stay with her, then the sirens that over powered her voice. The sleepiness tempted him and then, made it close his eyes.

The rain drenched her clothes completely but she didn't care. Kristine looked at the motionless guy in her arms and realized… that it was him. Then, looking up at the ash-colored skies, she screamed the name she almost forgot… All was swallowed by the loud noise of the sirens… she closed her eyes as the paramedics took him from her. His blood stained her trembling hands; the rain couldn't wash it away, tears fell and was washed by the tears of heaven… Then, there was silence… that last for what seemed to be---forever.