Into The Morning
By C. S. Raine

Raven was lying down on her bed. She wondered how Carrie, her girlfriend, was. They hadn't seen each other in a long time, and they missed each other greatly. They were only able to talk for a few minutes on the phone and chat online. They weren't allowed to see each other. Carrie's mom had suspected that their relationship was more than friendship, and so she forbade her daughter to have any contact with Raven.

A few more minutes passed, and Raven was quickly growing tired, and bored, of staring at the ceiling, doing nothing else. She gave a loud and distressed sigh. She tried not to think of the current status of their relationship. Yes, they were still together, despite the fact that they had not seen each other.

'There I go again, dammit,' she said, cursing herself mentally. She kept thinking about Carrie, no matter how hard she tried to focus on other things. She didn't want to think about the many problems they are facing because it would make it so much harder for her. She groaned.

"Ugh! That's it. I'm going," she shouted, to no one in particular. She quickly grabbed her wallet and her car keys and exited her room, taking nothing else. She tried her best to be quiet while going down the staircase. After all, her parents were home. She was glad her father slept early, and that her mom decided to do so as well. Her mother was usually the one who stayed up the latest, doing tons of work. After reaching downstairs, she quickly left the house, careful not to shut the door too loudly.

As she looked at her car, parked out on the street, she bit her lip. She had a new predicament. She didn't know how to get her car started without taking the risk of waking up her parents. She sighed and just figured that she'd deal with the consequences later on. She wanted to see Carrie. That's what mattered to her at the moment and that's what she was going to do, she reminded herself.

Driving away, she felt tingles run down her spine as the anticipation of seeing her lover built up. It didn't take long to get to Carrie's place, however, which Raven was obviously thankful for. She impatiently got out of the car and ran to the side of the house, where Carrie's window was. She grabbed a few pebbles from the ground and threw them one by one at the window. A few of them missed the target, but most hit a bull's eye. It didn't take long before Carrie's head poked out the window, trying to figure out what the sound was all about. She looked around first, up, and then down. When she saw who was there, she smiled brightly, as though she had received the best gift she could have ever gotten. She gestured for Raven to come up, but her girlfriend shook her head, and Raven told her to come down instead. She pouted a bit, just to be a little difficult, but climbed down anyway.

They hugged once Carrie had gotten safely down from her bedroom window. Raven grinned as they pulled away and immediately kissed her. They stood there, kissing, for a few more moments until they pulled away for air. That's when Raven tugged on Carrie's arm, wordlessly asking her to come with her. Carrie, not wanting to be away from Raven again, agreed and let her lover lead her to the car. They drove off, glancing at each other from time to time, just happy to be together again.

They didn't really have anywhere to go, and so they ended up in Raven's house. They snuck in as quietly as they could and ran up to Raven's room. They got there safely, without getting caught. The moment Raven had closed and locked the door, Carrie's lips was on hers. She only smiled into the kiss and began to reciprocate. She pushed Carrie towards the bed, and positioned herself on top once they were on it. They continued kissing, more passionately now than before. It grew heated and their clothes quickly found their way to the floor.

Morning came, and the sun was seeping into the room. The curtains couldn't fully shield the two entangled bodies from the brightness of the sun. There was a yawn, a groan, a chuckle and sounds of stretching. Raven yawned and groaned, not wanting to be up yet. She hid herself under the pillow and blanket, while Carrie only giggled at how childish Raven was. She gave her lover a gentle kiss, which the sleepyhead welcomed.

"You're so cute, you know," said Carrie. Raven only pouted, not really wanting to speak yet. She only snuggled against her girl, wrapping her arms around her, urging her to sleep some more. Carrie could only smile and settle back in bed, pulling the other girl close to her as well. She kissed Raven's forehead lovingly. Raven smiled and kissed her on the lips. They got out of bed late that day, and woke up the way they did early on: entangled in between each other and the bed sheets.

Okay, just a little disclaimer: I don't own "Into The Morning" by The Weekend. The title and the story were obviously inspired by the song. The song was part of the DEBS OST. You should really check out that movie.