All right, this is something I thought of during Swim practice-yeah can you believe it? Anyway, I have the first couple chapters in my head, but in order for me to keep it going I need reviews and pointers!!!!!! So please R&R! Enjoy!


Do you see that girl walking forlornly towards the school bus, struggling under the weight of a backpack? No, not the brunette - the one right next to her, towering over her actually. She's got flaming red hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a light smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose. She is tall, lanky, and skinny, but not the kind of skinny that would make you think she was anorexic. Do you see her now? Good. Her name is Claire Emmetts and this is her story. Well my story. Yes, the girl you see is me, a gawky fifteen year old from Black Mountain, North Carolina. A girl, I might mention, who isn't in a particularly good mood on this morning, which began with her younger sister dumping cereal all over her new shirt. But, enough about that right now, I'll get back to that later.

I had a good life in my town; amazing friends who I did everything with, a supportive family that helped through any and every little problem that came my way, which at times could be annoying because it meant everyone knew my business. So don't expect this to be one of those "my life is so boring that I would do anything to have excitement", stories even if it might seem like that at first. My school and friends were as normal as any others (except we weren't quite sure about the teachers yet). Swimming was my main priority at this point in my life seeing as how I have been on a team, and a good one at that, for ten years now and I must admit I was fairly fast.

Socially, I was doing well; I guess you could say I was stuck somewhere in the middle, not the popular one who was invited to all the parties, but not the one who spent all her time at home studying for a test that was three weeks away. In other words, I was happy with my life and where I was going, at least where it was going right now, my future wasn't exactly set in stone. But the day she came my world shattered. I got the full, dangerous adventure with absolutely no strings attached. And after I got sucked into her life, well there was no going back to mine.

OK, I know its short, but hey its a prolouge...I prefer it to be short. Anyway please please R&R all constructive (aka appropriate) criticisim is welcome! Any questions? Please ask in a FAQ will begin shortly. :)