Hey everyone!

Sorry to disappoint you if you thought that this was news concerning Truthful Deception/Shift. I'm still trying to get it published, but so far it's been all rejection letters for those of you that are interested. (Sigh) Oh well, that's the name of the publishing game. If it ever does get published I will be sure to send out another one of these.

Anyway, I am posting this because I have started a new story that for those of you who enjoyed reading Truthful Deception/Shift might be interested in. It is called Bangles. The main character is not a werewolf, sorry to disappoint, but she is a genie! Just to give you a little more information on it, but not too much, here is the prologue:

We are nomadic by nature; infected by wanderlust. And yet, ironically, cruelly, we are bound in more ways than one. We are bound because we search and we search because we are bound. We are what people refer to as genies, though Disney hasn't gotten it quite right. It is true that we have magic at our disposal, though we don't just grant anyone three wishes. It is true that we are enslaved, though it is not to a lamp. And it is true that we are the things of legends and myths, though we continue to walk among humans. We suffer for decades, centuries even through our servitude, struggling aimlessly against our binds to find that one thing that will set us free. The trials we endure are difficult, heart-wrenching, even violent, but if we make it to the end we achieve the one thing that constantly eludes us. Love. And with that love, freedom.

If this looks interesting to any of you, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! I've been throwing around story beginnings on my profile for a while now, but I have a pretty concrete idea of where this one is heading, so it will be updated, though slightly irregularly depending on my schedule. If you could check it out, it would be much appreciated and I would, of course, return any reviews. Sorry again this doesn't exactly pertain to Truthful Deception/Shift or even its sequel (I am really sorry about that as well. I have an enormous writer's block concerning that story) But, hopefully some of you awesome readers of those previous stories will be interested.