Our Story A/N: this is my newest update!!!...damn ex-boyfriend...ughhh!!!
It once was etched

as my own law

faded now like paint

rubbed so raw

chips and flakes

catching the breeze

like a child i chase them

but fall on my knees

blood clots on the street

as i beg and i yearn for

to hold onto those memories

that took so long to forge

and even when our

book started to close

i kept our secret pages

and everything we wrote

but now, with regret

i watch the pages burn

after all the time i studied

the only person i wanted to learn

you were gone in person

but you were written into memory

now those have started to slip

i dont know whats left of me

so as i sleep, and as i wake

as i walk and as i read

ill forever be chasing what we had

the ashes of you and me