You said,

"Oh baby all I want is you."

I said,

"Hmmm i wonder if that is true?"

And suprisingly I never wondered again

After you said,

"Ohhhhhh, come here, come close, I'll never force you"

And then I said,

"For some reason I believe you."

Do you really see what i mean?

I promise darling

I will never leave.

I really love you,

I promise, I'm truly in love with you.

I'm kinda lost,

I'm kinda scared,

But if you ever need anything, Baby I'll be right there.

Following the Sparrows

With their wings

That shine above,

I realize that you are

My one, my only Dove

To stave my craving emotions

Back into place when I feel

They have left me chained;

When they haven't let go

From the heights of gone devotion.

Above that

You say it's ok if I never change

I believe it to be true,

When you say "I love you."

You are my one, my only Dove;

You are my one, my only Love.