you could say our summer was a black & mild

because when you split it in half you get a

black boy who's never mild and a white girl who's never lit

you get a world where i'm married and single and lost

and i'm always wet but it's never from sex

and hey you, this is for the b's up and c's down :

for ascension and the gap between the forecast and the weather;

this is for swears and smokes and hours driving;

this is for dirty hands and clean minds and blunts;

this is for her husband passed and for my life changed


and i'll let you have an authors note to make it fucking clear :

i work for a place that changed me into the person i want to be

and this is the collection of poems inspired by the past

seven and a half weeks of sweat and blood and tears.

this is the collection of poems inspired by van, christina, kenny,

dave, kiki, janet, anna, london, alex, khiry, kenya

dylan, chad, alex, emily, mike, matt, kambi, evelyn. mike, and magic.

this is for the food project.