Chapter Five – From The Inside

"He has what?" Elise said as she strode over to Lars.

"This boy is half demon," Lars spoke cautiously, "There must be a reason for this, did you know his parents at all Elise?"

"Well not really," she said, "I've never seen them before, Victor always met up with me in the mountains, I've never even seen the inside of his house."

"Well that doesn't help at all does it?" Lars commented sarcastically.

Meanwhile this enraged Victor is standing there watching them both very carefully. The chains dangling from his wrists morphed back into the forearm protectors he was wearing earlier, then all signs of his demonic side had disappeared and Victor fell over with a loud thud.

"Quick let's take him inside." Lars said as he lifted Victor's body off the deck.

Lars and Elise went inside and placed Victor down on his bed, they saw Jonathon up and walking around as he read a book entitled; "Demon Bane Spells"

"Jonathon you're not thinking about killing Victor?" cried Elise as Jonathon looked up from the spellbook he was reading.

"Well he's a monster," he replied, "I saw what happened out there, we have to do something, kill him, or try to extract the demon, which could kill him or us all."

"Don't be foolish boy," Lars boomed, "He is our companion and friend, and we have to help him."

"So what do we do now then?" Jonathon said angrily.

"Extract the demon?" suggested Elise, Lars seemed a little offended by this remark.

"That might kill Victor," said Lars with a more serious tone, "Or it might totally destroy his mind."


"Well we have to do something?" as Elise said this Victor stirred in his forced slumber.

"Hurry he's waking up," said Jonathon, "What are we going to do?"

Elise looked at Jonathon who looked at Lars who looked at Victor's bed to see him rise from his bed.

"Hey guys," said Victor, "Did I miss anything important?"

The other three looked at each other and then back at Victor.

"Don't you remember what just happened?" said Elise.

"Uh not that I recall," said Victor, "I came in here and had a sleep and woke up now?"

Victor looked at Elise thinking maybe he did miss something.

"What's wrong?" he said with a worrying tone.

"Nothing," said Jonathon, "Why don't we cast some weather spells on the ship we're heading down the river that will take us to Kemplin, and the water is filled with jagged ice.

"Good thinking," Replied Lars, "I'll help you c'mon let's get out on deck."

Lars and Jonathon left the room and headed out on deck to begin casting various spells to protect the ship from the harsh river of shattered ice they were floating on. Without the aid of the protective spells the ship would've surely been torn apart by the masses of ice shards.

Victor and Elise were left alone inside the cabin. Victor still couldn't help but think that something strange was happening.

"Is everything okay Elise?" Victor said as he looked at her, "Is something wrong?"

Outside of the ship Jonathon and Lars started conjuring a Mage Orb, which was a floating orb that they would cast a spell into then place the orb in a certain area and the effect of the spell would be multiplied.


"Alright the orb is done," said Jonathon to Lars who was dusting off some snow from his vest.

"It's starting to snow," said Lars, "Hurry and cast Fortify into the orb."

Jonathon waved his arms around and placed his hands on the orb, the spell was in place. Now they had to infuse the orb with the ship. Lars nodded at Jonathon and put his hand on the orb and muttered a few words, as he did this he pushed the orb down and it seeped into the deck of the ship. As the orb descended into the ship, the whole body of the ship lit up bright blue briefly.

"Alright that's done," spoke Lars, "Let's get back inside." The two mages nodded at one another and headed back inside the main cabin, also known as the Captain's Quarters.

Inside Victor was seated at the large round table looking sad and sorrowful; meanwhile Elise was asleep in her bed. As Jonathon and Lars walked in Victor's vision immediately shot over to them.

"Why didn't you tell me?" said Victor, "Why wouldn't you just tell me?"

Lars looked at Jonathon and then back to Victor.

"We couldn't tell you," spoke Lars, "We didn't know what would happen if we told you."

Jonathon glanced at Lars and looked at the floor in shame.

"That kind of power," Jonathon began to speak with his voice quivering, "We didn't know what you would do with it."

Victor looked at them as if he was totally neglected, surely they knew Victor better than that, and he wouldn't do anything irresponsible with his power? Would he?

"You seriously think I would do something awful with my power Jonathon?" Victor questioned him.

"Well we weren't sure," Jonathon replied fearfully, "Better to be safe than so-."

Victor stood up and slammed his hands down on the table and his eyes started going black.


"You couldn't just tell me about this!" Victor's voice sounded rather deep and austere, "You just had to lie!" Victors forearm guards shifted into barbed wire and the hooks at the ends of the wire appeared.

"Calm down Victor!" Jonathon shouted to him.

Lars looked at Victor whose back erupted in a cloud of blood revealing large fleshy black wings. Lars hurled a ball of fire at Victor knocking him into the back wall but he quickly hopped to his feet due to his demonic state. Jonathon pulled the cabin door open and ran outside, leaving the door gaping wide.

Lars noticed this and saw what Jonathon was doing, so he followed Jonathon out of the cabin and on deck into the blinding blankets of snow. Victor dashed out through the door to pursue Lars, leaving Elise in the cabin alone.

As Victor emerged from the cabin trying to get his large wings out and eventually falling on deck, Jonathon and Lars summoned a large bright shimmering cage around Victor as he lay on deck. They had incarcerated him in a Pure Cage; no demon can cross through its bars.

"I told you that the book would be useful." Jonathon said proudly to Lars who seemingly shrugged it off and slowly approached Victor.

"Will he be able to get out?" said Lars, "Remember he is only half demon."

"I'm not sure," replied Jonathon as he walked closer to the cage, "But once he has returned to his human form he should be able to walk out by himself so we just have to wait."

"But he will freeze out here," Lars shouted, "Victor hurry up and turn back."

Victor's body lay in the cage in what seemed to be the foetal position. He was just lying there, not moving at all. What had they done?

"Can a Pure Cage kill a demon?" Lars asked Jonathon who now looked rather worried for the safety of their imprisoned friend.

Jonathon looked at Lars and kind of shrugged but then looked away and placed his hand over his mouth. Lars looked at Jonathon and was about to burst.

"Jonathon!" His voice boomed, "What have you done?!"