A/N This story is being co written by me and brinannathe writer. The first chapter was written by me, the second will be by her and so on and so forth. This is the story of Jasmine and Eadel from Brianna's story Happily Never After. You don't have to read that story to understand this one, but you should read it anyway...because I said so...anyways with that, here we go...

I woke up and cursed at the cold. The wind whipped itself around my body the instant my eyes opened. I smiled slowly. I reached out my hand and felt the current change its course to flow through my open fingers. I cupped my hand and against the breeze and it circled itself into my palm. Slowly a small puppy appeared in the snow laden air stream. It looked up at me with a curious glance and I stroked it gently with my other hand, frowning slightly at the glove I had to wear to shield my skin from the snow. The wind spirit hopped from my hand and danced at my fur covered feet. It played with my cape and pranced through my legs. I chuckled behind my mask. With a sigh I surveyed the snowy wasteland. Wrapping my cloak tighter, and with the wind spirit at my heels I trudged through the snow following the wind.

After what seemed like hours I finally came to a large looming temple. Ice hung thick on its massive doors and instead of a moat around it there was a seemingly endless chasm. I sighed and simply walked the air current above the gorge watching as the snow that had stuck to my boots dropped down into the black of the abyss below me. Lightly I stepped to the iron doors to the temple looked for the opening. A small swirling pattern at the bottom of the door gave me my answer as I took off my glove and pressed my bare hand to the pattern. The extreme cold burned me and it took everything in my not to pull away. With a shudder and a creak, the ice on the door gave way. I removed my hand quickly and watched as the massive doors slowly swung open. Once inside the gates closed themselves and shut the cold out. I looked for the wind spirit but found that it had not followed me inside. I sighed wearily and stripped off my furs. I tugged with annoyance at my cloaks clasp, which had frozen together. Finally it gave way and I let the fabric lie on the floor as I took off my heavy coat and my snow boots. I pulled off my mask tossed it onto my cloak. I surveyed my outfit with satisfaction. My white and silver doublet, white long sleeved undershirt, and white pants were completely unharmed by the snow and ice. I shook the snow out of my short black hair, gathered my clothes and made my way to the heart of the temple. I hung my clothes on the hooks outside the ritual door and with a prayer to the Goddess, stepped inside. My father looked up from his reading with a frown.

"You are late Eadel." He remarked wrapping his deep blue cloak around him tighter.

"Forgive me father, but the way to town was long." I said bowing.

"You shouldn't worry such an old man like you do." He said smiling gently, "You are my favorite daughter."

"I am your only daughter." I pointed out smiling.

"And the heir to this kingdom." He said seriously, "You would do well to remember that our enemies in the south would love nothing more than to see you captured and killed."

"I would love to see them try." I said my brown eyes flashing. My father shook his head.

"Eadel…" He sighed, "sometimes I wonder if yours is truly a path of the wind."

"Father?" I asked with confusion.

"You will be leaving Nordvor." He solemnly declared.

"Because I was late?!" I exclaimed angrily.

"No my dear," he said with sad eyes, "Because you have learned all you can here."

"You're throwing me out?!" I shouted.

"If you wish to see it that way, then yes." He quietly replied.

"Father! How can you do this to me!?" I said with desperation, "This is my home! I have nowhere to go!"

"You will find your way in the world." He said firmly.

"Is anyone even going to come with me?" I asked feeling the tears in my eyes.

"No." he said with a horrible sense of finality that I knew all to well.

"If mother was alive…"

"She would support me in this decision." He interrupted.

"How soon?" I asked in a mere whisper.

"Tomorrow morning." He said gently.

"So soon?" I replied half-heartedly.

"It is the way of the wind." He said bowing to the statue of our Goddess, Vesha. I knew I was defeated and sighed,

"Yes father…"


I awoke in the morning with a sense of dread. I'd packed all my worldly belongings the previous night. With a heavy sigh I looked out my window at the snowy desert that spanned across my line of vision. It sparked in the morning light and I knew I would miss it dearly. I dressed quickly, to guard against the chill. I carefully wrapped my traveling furs around my simple doublet. I didn't want to attract any attention to me as I traveled so the only reminder of my royalty was the black and silver markings down my back. My signet ring, crown and locket were guarded in a vault that only I could open. I finished putting on all my clothes and gently slid my mask over my face to protect it from the harsh cold. I grabbed my staff from by my bed and with a final look at my now empty room I walked through the ancient halls. All of the priests and mages in training had lined up in the foyer to see me off. They all simply stared at me with eyes that seemed to say,

"Good, she's leaving." I quickly focused on the floor to avoid their scathing gaze.

"May the wind always guide you…" My father began.

"and may the Goddess protect!" everyone said in unison. I lay my hand on the heavy doors and without hesitation pushed them open. I stepped out into the blinding white and headed for town, not once looking back the way I'd come.


I pulled open the door to the closet tavern and hurriedly shut it behind me. No one seemed to be bothered by me. I looked cautiously at the people assembled in the dim light. Most of them were drunk or at least had a good start on getting there. I approached the barkeep and removed my mask and hood. He studied me for a moment before deciding that I wasn't there for trouble.

"What can I do for ya miss?" He asked.

"I've been thrown out of my house." I said, "I need a job and a place to stay."

"Got any skills?" He asked.

"Yes. I can do almost anything you need around here." I lowered my voice, "But I don't provide any 'special services' to the men, understand me?" I said. He nodded.

"I got need of a good waitress." He mused, "If yer willing and strong willed, I don't see why you can't have a job here."

"I don't intend on staying." I continued, "But I need a place to stay and a way to make money to so I can work my way south."

"Looking for a warmer climate lass?" He said chuckling.

"Something like that…" I murmured.

"Well go on back to the kitchen and the cook will put you to work." He said.

"Excuse me sir, what is your name?" I asked realizing I didn't know.

"Chris lass," he said, "just call me Chris."


The work was hard. I rarely had a moment to rest and after a day had blisters on my feet. My hands were raw from washing dishes and I had grown accustomed to smacking customers that were a little too friendly. By and by I got used to the way that things moved in the town and at the tavern. I was able to listen to interesting stories from travelers and make friends with some of the regulars.

There was one regular though that frightened me. He would always come in late at night wearing a dark black cloak and hood. His tall frame made him even more menacing. He never said a word but Chris always seemed to know what to serve him. After a while I stopped noticing the man. Chris would always wait on him personally and I for one was glad of it. Then one day Chris called me over.

"Lass I take it you've noticed our mysterious fellow…" He trailed off uneasily.

"Yes…" I said suspiciously.

"Well, he uh wants you to wait on him." Chris fidgeted. I blinked.

"But why?" I asked afraid of the answer.

"I don't know lass, but please try not to upset him." Chris whispered, "He's a mighty powerful bloke."

"What do you mean by that?" I said trying to keep the fear out of my voice.

"Well I heard tell that he got upset with someone and they pulled off his hood in a scuffle. The sight of his bare face killed the offender." Chris shivered. I raised an eyebrow. No magic can do that… I thought to myself.

"Well I find that hard to believe." I said, now curious to meet the stranger.

"There are things in this world that we don't understand lass." Chris warned. I smiled inwardly. If only he knew…With a reassuring nod to Chris I walked over to the hooded figure. He was slumped slightly at the table but sat up a little to get a better look at me.

"What can I get for you?" I asked sweetly. I gasped as I felt him try to invade my mind. I quickly pushed him out and narrowed my eyes. He was jolted by the forceful removal from my mind. I could feel my anger start to flare up. He tried again and this time I not only pushing from my mind, I did it with enough force to knock him out of his chair. He quickly scrambled to his feet. I looked at his looming frame without fear. I faced worse magical beings than a telekinetic. There was a flash and suddenly black flames surrounded the entire bar. Chris ran screaming from the door but I stayed put.

"Please." I scoffed, "illusions? You should realize I'd see right through that."

"I did." The voice spoke quietly, "I was trying to get rid of that oaf." I was at a loss for words. The voice sounded strangely feminine. Slowly the hood was removed and I gaped. It was a woman. She had short white hair and beautiful violet eyes that looked extremely troubled.

"Are you looking for a fight?" I asked raising my hands. She looked at me with an amused expression.

"I wouldn't want to hurt you girl." She replied. I could feel the wind start to pick up outside and it burst open the door.

"An elemental mage?" She asked with surprise as the wind started taking the shape of spirits. She watched to see what form it would take. She laughed hysterically and I looked down to see the puppy spirit sitting dutifully at my feet.

"Now I'm scared." She said trying to suppress her laughter.

"You should be." I replied calmly. She stopped laughing and looked at me. I nodded at the puppy and it howled loudly. The woman clamped her hands over her ears and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Are you going to annoy me to death?" She shouted over the howl. Gradually it died down and she looked around. Seeing nothing that presented a threat she moved towards me to attack. I backed up towards the open door grinning.

"You picked the wrong person to fight with." I said. She paused trying to sense the trap but it was too late. Boreas, Notus, Eurus and Zephyros, burst through the door. Boreas had taken the shape of a horse, Notus that of a hawk, Eurus that of a tiger, and Zephyros that of a wolf. None of them were happy that their princess was threatened. The woman took a step back as the winds slowly walked into the bar. They sent mugs and tables flying about the room and the snow from outside made it impossible for her to see. There was a flash and she was gone. I frowned at her cloaking spell.

"Hmmm…" I said thoughtfully. The wind died down and Zephyros sniffed the air. I looked on the floor and saw her footprints in the snow that the wind had brought in.

"Got you!" I cried as Zephyros and Eurus tackled her to the ground. She let out a cry and her cloaking spell faded.

"Knock it off would you!" She growled as Zephyros growled at her throat.

"And why should I?" I asked crossing my arms.

"I haven't done anything to hurt you!" She exclaimed.

"You tried to invade my mind…twice." I pointed out.

"I was trying to talk to you without using my voice!" She explained, "I don't want people knowing I am a girl." I thought about her excuse for a moment. It seemed feasible.

"Why?" I asked, "what reason do you have to hide?"

"Men treat me with more respect when they think I'm a man." She said, "Besides I'm sort of a wanted criminal…" She trailed off. I stared at her.

"What makes you think I won't turn you in?" I challenged.

"Because I don't think that the princess of Nordvor would want me telling the imperial guards that you're outside your fortress." She said with sparkling eyes, "I'm sure they'd just love to take you to their king for a nice little game of ransom."

"They wouldn't believe a rouge like yourself." I said, only half believing my own words.

"Perhaps…" She mused, "but are you willing to take that risk?" I sighed and dismissed the spirits. She got up and dusted the snow off her black outfit.

"Thank you." She said. I didn't respond.

"So princess, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" she asked obviously pleased with herself. I smiled sweetly at her before punching her in the face and watching her fall unconscious with a wonderful sense of satisfaction. I really didn't like her.