Finding Heaven

Finding Heaven

Chapter Four


Destin looked around the hotel suite that had been his home for the last month. He had everything packed and was ready to head to Armand's house. When he heard a knock on the door, he smiled and moved towards it. Opening the door he was surprised to see Adam standing there instead of Armand.

"Ah, don't look so happy to see me," Adam said entering the room.

"I was expecting Armand," Destin replied letting the door swing closed.

"Busy, board-meeting," Adam replied letting his gaze scan the area. He could see that all of the boy's stuff was packed up and looked ready to go. "Where is the rest of it?"

"This is it," Destin shrugged slightly; "they took everything else earlier."

"Oh, well then let's go," Adam said moving to pick up the suitcase that the boy had. He glanced back to see Destin move to pick up an orchid; raising an eyebrow, he glanced between the plant and the boy. "What's up with the plant?"

"Armand gave it to me," Destin said softly.

"Fine," Adam said, moving out of the room. With a final sigh, he turned around and followed Adam out of the room and through the hotel to the car waiting for them.

Still holding the plant, Destin stared out the window. He knew that Adam was watching him, knew the man wanted to ask him something. He could see it in the way that Adam was watching; with a sigh he turned to look back at the man. He gave Adam several minutes to see if the man would speak.

"What?" Destin finally inquired.

"I'm trying to figure out what you think you're going to be getting out of this," Adam said, his voice low.

"It's not your business," Destin turned back to the window.

"It is if you plan on hurting Armand," Adam watched as the boy turned back to him. His eyebrow rose when the boy snorted before he saw those eyes come back to him.

"I don't plan on hurt him," Destin muttered before turning his attention back to the outside. Looking out the window he was surprised when they turned into a long driveway. He looked up watching as the huge house came into view; he glanced at Adam to see the man was watching him. "It's nice."

Destin looked back at the impressive mansion as the car pulled to a stop at the bottom of the steps. The door opened and Destin stepped out, his plant still clinched in his hands. He followed Adam up the stairs, his mind on all that he had learned of the man. For some reason, he had thought Armand would live somewhere more modern. Before he got to the top a woman opened the door to smile at him.

"Hello Destin," the woman's smile grew.

"Ma'am," Destin replied quietly.

"Destin, this is Margaret, Armand's housekeeper," Adam told the boy, seeing Destin look between him and the woman.

"Thanks, Adam," Margaret nodded as she ushered the boy into the coolness of the house. "Don't be shy; come on in."

"Thanks," Destin replied softly as he toed his shoes off.

"Would you like to see your room?" Margaret asked seeing the boy nod. Moving towards the stairs, Destin followed after her. His eyes widened as he followed after her; the place was amazing. He almost ran into her when she stopped outside a room.

"Your room is right across from Armand's," she said and moved into the room with him coming in behind her. "That door leads to his suite."

"Okay," he nodded as he looked across the hallway.

"Anything else I can help with?" she asked seeing the boy look around the room.

"No, I just want to look around," the boy replied.

"All right," Margaret nodded before leaving the room; she left the door open as she left. Destin glanced around again; he found the box that he had at the hotel sitting on a desk that also held a computer and printer. He moved towards the balcony doors to look out the windows.

Finding a table, he set the orchid down before slipping out onto the balcony. Taking a deep breath, he grinned as he looked out over the yard. He could see a pool and what looked to be a very large yard that was surrounded by trees. He wasn't sure how big the area was, he'd have to ask, but he smiled at the thought of being out in the yard.


Armand opened the door to his house and stopped at seeing the small pair of boots placed neatly by the door next to a pair of his own shoes. He knew that Destin was small, but seeing the boy's shoes next to his really brought the realization home. Entering the kitchen his eyes widened as he saw the boy sitting at the center island, cutting up carrots and laughing with Margaret.

"Welcome home, Armand," Margaret called. Armand didn't comment as Destin turned his attention to him; he couldn't seem to pull his eyes from the boy.

"Welcome home," Destin said softly.

"Hey," Armand finally said coming into the kitchen and kissed Margaret on the cheek before sitting down on a chair next to Destin. "Have you seen your room?"

"Yeah, but I didn't have much to put away, so I came down to help," he replied seeing the man nod.

"Well, dinner's almost ready; you two should go sit," she said as Destin slowly laid the knife down and slipped from his chair. He followed after Armand; seeing that they entered a huge dinning room with a table that could seat at least fifty people. Armand sat at the head, and then indicated the chair to his left. Sitting down, Destin folded his hands in his lap and stared at the top of the table.

"Did you have a good day?" He asked Armand quietly.

"I did, thank you. How was your day?" Armand asked reaching out to touch a stay lock of hair; he saw the boy look up.

"It was interesting," Destin replied. They fell back into silence; it only broke when Margaret brought dinner, which they ate in silence. Destin was hardly able to eat, he was so nervous. He wasn't used to formal dinning rooms, and this one made his stomach tighten. It was dark and had that feel that he shouldn't speak too loudly.

"Dessert?" Armand asked seeing Destin look up at him.

"No, thank you," Destin replied seeing the man settle back in the chair he was sitting in.

"You know you don't have to be nervous; I don't bite," Armand said as a blush covered the boy's cheeks. Destin looked up, his eyes scanning the man sitting before him. He pulled his eyes away, looking around the dark room with unrecognizable abstract paintings that he couldn't quite decipher what they were. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Destin smiled slightly as he turned back to the man. He realized that, while he had spent time alone with Armand in the hotel, he hadn't ever really spent time alone Armand when the man didn't have to leave.

"Well," Armand started his eyes still on Destin. "I have work that I need to attend to."

"Okay," Destin nodded, his eyes going back to his plate. He looked up as Armand left the room, his eyes going to the other door, the one that lead to the kitchen. After sitting for a few minutes, he sighed as he stood and picked up their plates. Walking into the kitchen, he paused in the doorway watching as Margaret moved around the kitchen. "I brought the dishes back in."

Margaret looked over, a smile on her face, "You didn't have to bring those in."

"Its okay," Destin said as he moved towards the sink. He rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher before standing for a second in front of the appliance.

"Destin?" Margaret saw the boy glance at her.

"I think I'll head up to my room," Destin said moving out of the kitchen. Walking down the hallway, Destin peeked into a few of the rooms he had seen when Margaret had shown him around earlier since he really hadn't had time to stop. He paused in the doorway to the library, letting his eyes scan the books.

Destin took a deep breath, a smile coming to his face. He loved libraries and books, loved the musty smell of the places. Walking to the shelf, he glanced over the books, reaching up to slowly run his fingers over the spines. He found a few on gardens, and pulling those, he moved to sit at one of the tables.


"Margaret?" Armand saw the woman look up at him a frown on her face. "Have you seen Destin? I just checked his room, and he wasn't there."

"I haven't seen him since dinner," the woman shook her head. "Maybe he's in the TV room?"

"I glanced in there, too, when I walked by," Armand turned, his eyes going down the hallway. Frowning, he made his way towards the library. Opening the door, he smiled as he saw the redhead's head bent over a book. "What are you reading?"

"Wha…" Destin looked up, his eyes widening as he saw Armand smile at him.

"It's after midnight, Destin," Armand replied to the completely blank look on the boy's face. "You have school tomorrow, and then a tutor in the afternoon."

"I know, I just," Destin shrugged, "I like books; I get lost in them sometimes, sorry."

"It's okay, come on. I'll walk you up to your room," Armand grinned as he watched the boy stand. He waited patiently as the boy cleaned up the books he had pulled out. He let Destin precede him out the door; moving to follow after the boy, his eyes straying to Destin's ass.

"Night," Destin said, turning to Armand. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Armand look up at him, the man smirking.

"Night," Armand watched as the slender boy slipped into the room and out of sight. Letting the smirk slip from his face, Armand turned and headed into his room.

Destin leaned against his door as he listened to Armand's door close. Pushing away, he moved to the desk where his school stuff was piled. He was nervous about starting school again, but hoped that it would work out. He only had half a year to finish. Plus the tutor in the afternoons would help him catch up, too. Stripping out of his clothing, he crossed to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Crawling into bed, Destin pulled the covers over himself and turned out his light. As he lay in the dark, he let his mind go over all that he had learned. He knew he would have to get used to a new set of sounds in the house. He rolled over wishing for sleep, but found his body was restless after spending so much time reading.

Destin was lost in a sea of fluffy warmth. Something tickled his nose, and he rolled burying his face into the soft pillow his head laid on. Something wasn't right; concrete should be hard. And it should smell like garbage not like soap. Rolling to his back, he sighed slightly pulling the blanket closer around him.

"Destin?" Armand said seeing the boy's eyes widen as he sat up. They almost knocked heads together as Armand noticed that Destin look confused and slightly lost.

"I'm sorry," he said looking up at Armand, who was sitting on the side of his bed.

"It's time to get up," Armand said as he stood. "Breakfast is in fifteen minutes."

"All right," he said seeing the man leave the room. Scratching his head he looked at the clock on the entertainment center at the end of his room. It was six forty-five. Crap it was early. Getting up, he went into his bathroom and started the shower. Stripping off his shorts, he climbed into the shower to stand under the hot spray. It felt nice to be about to bathe in hot water.

Washing his hair, he tilted his head back into the water a sigh escaping him. A smile crossed his face as he stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. Finding everything he needed, he brushed his teeth, and then toweling his hair, he walked back into his room. His eyes widening as he noted it was already 7:03. Getting dressed he quickly ran a brush though his hair and then ran from his room. He prayed that he wouldn't get lost on his way down.

"Ah, so you did find your way," Armand said seeing the boy rush into the dinning room. Sitting down in the chair he had been sitting in the night before, he sat quietly as Armand went back to his paper. Why did the man wake him up if he was just going to read the paper and ignore him?

"Good morning, Destin," Margaret said coming into the room carrying two plates. Putting them down, she leaned down to give Destin a motherly kiss on his cheek.

"Good morning, Mrs. Gates," he said as she walked away.

"School starts at eight-thirty," Armand glanced over at the boy, seeing Destin was picking at his food. "Gates can come back and take you…"

"Or I could catch the bus," Destin looked up, watching Armand.

"Or you could ride the bus," Armand didn't look thrilled at the prospect of the boy riding the bus.

"Yeah," Destin grinned as he started to eat his breakfast. Armand watched him, a half-formed smiled on the man's face.

"I have work," Armand said taking a minute to watch the boy. Seeing his watch, he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

"All right," he looked up as Armand came to lean down beside him. His eyes stayed open, slightly surprised when Armand leaned to cover his lips. The kiss was chaste, but Armand's lips were warm against his.

"I'll see you tonight," Armand said seeing the boy nod.

"All right," Destin replied turning back to his food. Looking up he noticed that Margaret was standing in the doorway as his face flamed.

"It's okay," she said coming in. Picking up Armand's plate she turned to leave.

"Mrs. Gates?" Destin asked quietly.

"Yes?" she replied turning back to see him stand.

"Can I finish in the kitchen?" he asked hopeful seeing the smile that came to her face as she nodded. With a smile, he picked up his plate and followed after her. Setting his plate onto the center island, he sat down to continue picking at his meal.

"I guess I was expecting too much?" she asked seeing him look up.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not very hungry, but the food is wonderful," he replied seeing her nod as she took the plate from in front of him.

"Well, you'll need to work slowly getting your stomach used to decent food," she said smiling. "Hotel food isn't the best for you, and you're still too skinny."

"I should get ready for school," Destin moved, rinsing his plate and putting it into the dishwasher before he left the kitchen.

"You're very different from Armand's other lovers," she said moving around the kitchen

"So I've been told," He said shrugging his shoulders. He didn't care about the others; he was here now, and if it worked out, he planned on staying for a long while. As soon as he had the dishes in the dishwasher, Destin returned to his room to get ready for school.

Looking around the room, he let his mind turn to the kiss again. Armand's kisses weren't unpleasant; it was just that he wasn't use to anyone kissing him. He had never felt the need to kiss anyone he knew, whether they were female or male. Shaking his head, Destin turned towards his desk to gather up his things and to see how much time was left before he'd have to catch his bus.


"So you left him at the mansion?" Adam asked looking at Armand across the table from him.

"He had school; what else was I suppose to do?" Armand leaned forward to place his elbows on the table to regard the man across from him. "Are you jealous?"

"No, I didn't want to baby-sit today," Adam said seeing the grin that came to Armand's face.

"If I recall, it was you who volunteered to take him around yesterday," Armand grinned.

"That's only because you were busy," he replied leaning back to scan the quiet almost empty restaurant. "And the boy was jumpy, and since he had met me with you, I figured it would be less stressful for him."

"Um hum," Armand said with a small laugh.

"Honestly, though," Adam replied, "I don't know what you see in him," Adam held up his hand when Armand started to speak. "I know he's beautiful, and he seems really sweet, but he's very small."

"And you're afraid I'll break him?" Armand asked not telling Adam that he had the same misgivings about it. "Woman his size does it with men my size all the time."

"And how is that going?" Adam asked grinning.

"That's none of your business." Armand shook his head as he glanced around the restaurant.

"Of course," Adam stood. Armand also stood, and together, they left the restaurant. Getting into the limo, they headed to the next meeting.

"Did you find out about Gayle Rogers?" Armand asked.

"Yes she's due back in two weeks," he replied seeing his boss nod his head. "You want us to wait?"

"Yes, she's the one I want on this." Armand's eyes went to Adam again. "Something wrong?"

"I was thinking of canceling the vacation scheduled for next month," Adam sighed; he could see that Armand was waiting for some type of explanation, but he wasn't sure he had one. "Look at where I am."

"You're a thirty-year-old vice president with a wonderful wife, two beautiful children." Armand watched the smile that came to Adam face. "Come on, you're the man in my hotels that everyone goes to."

"That's only because they're afraid of you," Adam laughed as the limo stopped and Gates opened the door. Getting out, Armand looked up at the office building and sighed; he hated meetings.


Returning from school, Destin walked into the house, his eyes scanning the area; not seeing Margaret, he walked outside to the patio and pool area outside the kitchen. Smiling, he walked passed the pool down towards a row of bushes. He was surprised when a man popped up. He yelped slightly.

"Oh sorry, you must be Destin," An older man said pulling the hat from his balding head.

"Yeah," Destin said sitting on the steps leading down into the yard.

"I'm José, the gardener," he replied placing the hat back onto his tanned shiny head. "Are you going to lay out by the pool?"

"Nope, just bored," Destin replied scanning the grounds. He saw the old man nod. "You take care of all this?"

"I have some help," José replied sounding nervous about answering.

"Do you have help today?" Destin watched the man shake his head; he started to clean up his tools as he stood.

"Some," the man replied.

"Can I help you?" Destin asked seeing the surprise that came to the gardener's face. He watched the man's mouth open then close, then open again. "Please?"

"Sure," José said seeing the smile that split Destin's face as he jumped down. Took a few of the tools from him, and followed after the gardener. He noticed that every once in a while, the gardener would look at him strangely. At least he hadn't said anything about being different from Armand's other lovers.


Armand sighed as he walked into the kitchen scanning the area. Seeing only Margaret, he walked in to give the woman a kiss on her cheek then scanned the other half of the kitchen. "Is Destin in his room?"

"I don't know," she replied.

"I'll go check," Armand left the kitchen to head up to Destin's room; throwing the door open he saw the room was empty. He decided to check his room just in case the boy had gotten curious. Not seeing him there he headed down to his office, still no Destin. He found himself back in the kitchen. "When's the last time you saw him?"

"Just after breakfast, when he helped me with the kitchen," she replied watching as Armand walked over to the center island and sat down with a sigh.

"He didn't come in after school?" Armand asked.

"No, I'm not sure what time he got out though," she replied.

"Oh," Armand said, wondering if the boy had bailed, but if he did, and then he had left his stuff. Nothing was missing out of the room, and the boots Destin had been wearing the day before were still by the door. He looked up at Margaret, who smiled sadly and went back to preparing dinner.

Armand stayed at the center island, knowing he had work to finish but wasn't up to it at the moment. It was always his luck he could only attract losers, but he really had thought that Destin would stick around at least for a few days. He nodded his thanks to Margaret as she set a glass of ice tea in front of him. Leaning forward, he watched the condensation slide down the side of the glass.

"Armand," Margaret saw him look up. "Maybe you have some work to do?"

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" he asked giving her a weak smile.

"Well, you're kind of depressing," she shrugged apologetically.

"Sorry, it's just, why did he have to leave?" Armand asked looking back down at his glass.

"Maybe he didn't leave," Margaret glanced out the patio doors. "Big place, he could be anywhere."

"Oh god," Armand said, his eyes widening at the thought of Destin lost somewhere in his house. He turned to head out of the kitchen when a noise behind him stopped him. Turning back, he saw Destin enter the kitchen from the patio. The boy stopped, seeing him with a shy smile on his face.

"Hey," Destin's gaze went from Armand's worried look to Margaret.

"What happened?" Armand indicated the dirty clothes and the thin scratches that covered Destin's face and arms.

"I got sunburn, forgot to find a hat before I went out," Destin said walking across the kitchen towards them.

"No, you're dirty, and all scratched up," Armand heard the boy laugh slightly.

"Oh, I was helping José in the yard and found an overgrown rose garden at the back of the property," Destin bounced slightly before stopping in front of Armand and looked up. "It's okay that I helped José, right?"

"Sure, if you want, you don't have to," Armand said as Destin moved passed him. "You have school and all."

"Cool, I love to be outside," he grinned bouncing again. "I'm going to shower."

"All right," Armand watched the boy leave the kitchen.

"See you were worrying for nothing," Margaret said seeing Armand nod his head as he left the kitchen. He felt relief that Destin was still here. Going into his office, he looked over at his desk. He knew he should be working, but he had other things on his mind.


Destin stood under the spray of hot water washing away the dirt and grime he had acquired throughout the day working outside. Picking up his bottle of shampoo, he poured some into his hand then applied it to his hair. Closing his eyes, he leaned back slightly, letting the water hit his chest, then leaned forward to rinse the soap from his hair. "Ow…crap." Destin jumped when the shower door flew open, his eyes widening as Armand scanned his wet naked body. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"No, I heard your hiss of pain." Armand said as Destin turned off the water and grabbing a towel wrapped it around his thin waist. "What happened?"

"I tripped over a tree root, caught a large rose thorn in the chest." he replied very uncomfortable with Armand blocking the exit of the shower.

"Come on out and let me have a look," Armand turned his back on the boy.

"Okay," Destin held the towel as he stepped out of the shower and walked over to the counter. Pulling himself up on it, he watched as Armand opened the medicine cabinet to start pulling things out. He then turned to the boy and took a good look at the gash across his chest.

"It must hurt," Armand reached out to pick up the antiseptic ointment and squeeze some out on his finger. He took Destin by a shoulder as he gently applied the ointment to the wound. He looked up to see Destin watching him. "Now you're staring."

"Sorry," Destin dropped his eyes; he had been studying Armand's face, trying to gage what the man had been thinking. He hadn't expected Armand to see him naked yet, at least the bruises and stuff was all healed before the man had gotten his first look.

"It's okay," Armand said leaning over to wash his hands before wiping them on a hand towel. Taking a roll of gauze, he worked it along the scratch. It covered him from mid-stomach almost to his shoulder. Taping the gauze down, he started to clean everything up.

Destin decided while Armand was cleaning up, he would escape into his room and get some clothing on. Pulling on underwear, he opened a drawer to pull out a shirt. Finding a tee shirt, he turned to see Armand in the doorway to the bathroom. "Why are you up here; did I do something wrong?"

"No, I found you a hat and some sun-block," Armand indicated the hat and bottle on the desk.

"Oh," Destin murmured pulling the tee shirt on and then went in search of a pair of pants. He kept half an eye on the man walking around his room looking at things.

"We should go shopping this weekend for shorts," Armand said. "I don't recall there being any shorts or really summer clothing on the list?"

"No, just pants and shirts," Destin sat down to pull on a pair of socks, "and of course those suits."

"Right," Armand nodded turning back to him. "Ready for supper?"

"Yeah," Destin followed him out of the room. They were quiet as they made their way towards the dinning room. Sitting down at the table, Destin found that this was the one time of the day that he wasn't sure what to do with himself.

"I thought we could spend the weekend together," Armand glanced back to see the boy watching him. "Since, I don't have anything pressing to do."

"That would be nice," Destin said. "How old are you?"

"How old do I look?" Armand asked seeing the boy shrug his shoulders. "I'm twenty-six."

"How old is Adam?" Destin wondered seeing Armand arch an eyebrow at the question.

"He's thirty, why?" Armand wanted to know, seeing Destin shrug again.

"He seems very serious for someone who's young," Destin said.

"You don't like Adam?" Armand inquired seeing Destin look up at him.

"Oh, I like him just fine," Destin shrugged. "He was very helpful yesterday in making sure I got here."

The rest of the conversation was stopped as Margaret brought dinner. Destin looked at his plate, seeing that it wasn't as piled as it was this morning. He looked up at the woman when she brought him a glass of milk; thanking her, he watched her disappear back into the kitchen.

"So how your first day of school?" Armand asked a short time later over dessert. He saw the boy shrug a shoulder.

"It was good, the summer program will help a lot to get me caught back up." Destin glanced up at the man. "And the tutor?"

"First thing Tuesday morning; you don't have school that day," Armand replied as he watched Destin stand and pick up his dessert plate; he stopped next to Armand. "You know you don't have to do this."

"I know, but Mrs. Gates works so hard." Destin grinned picking up Armand's plate and disappeared into the kitchen. Armand waited a few minutes then got up to follow after him. Stopping in the doorway, he saw Destin helping with the dishes. He liked to see the boy laughing and happy.

"How about a movie?" Armand asked seeing Destin look over his shoulder at him.

"What kind?" Destin handed Margaret the last plate. Drying his hands, he continued to watch Armand, who was staring at him.

"Oh, I don't know. Why don't we go see what we can find?" Armand said seeing Destin nod his head and followed him out of the kitchen towards a room he had yet to be in.

"Wow," Destin said his eyes widened as he walked over to look at the movies placed on shelves like books. There had to be hundreds of them.

"Go ahead and pick one," Armand watched the boy.

"It would take me until tomorrow to pick one," Destin said. "I'm sure you know what is here. You should pick one."

"All right," he said walking over to where the boy was standing. Reaching slightly above Destin's head, he pulled a movie from the shelf. Walking over, he put the movie in the DVD player and crossed over to the sofa. He stopped, seeing Destin still standing where he had left him.

"I'm going to go see if you have popcorn," the boy said leaving the room. Settling back, he kicked the shoes from his feet and pulled the tie from his shirt. He waited for the movie to load, then sighed waiting for Destin to come back. Armand's mind went over how different the boy was from everyone he seemed to know. "All ready?"

"Yep," Armand said as Destin crossed the room carrying a big bowl of popcorn. Sitting down next to him, he sat back on the huge sofa as Armand started the movie. The first movie Destin found to be somewhat good, but considering he hadn't seen a movie since he was twelve.

During the third movie Armand volunteered to refill the popcorn and grab more soda. Going into the kitchen, he saw Margaret look up at him. "You two seemed to be getting along."

"Yeah," Armand said setting the bowl onto the counter and watched as she went about making more popcorn. "I had to get out of the room; I don't think I'm gonna make the month."

"The month?" Margaret asked turning to look at him.

"He wanted a trial period in case we didn't get along living together," Armand said. "But I'm telling you, being with him like this is really testing my resolve."

"Take it slow Armand, and just do what you do best," Margaret said handing him the bowl.

"And what is it I do best?" Armand asked seeing her smile as she shook her head and walked away. Yeah, there were a few things that he was really good at. Going back into the room, he saw that Destin had moved to snuggle into the corner of the sofa. Walking over to the sofa, he set the popcorn down between them.

Armand watched the boy, forgetting about the movie. He saw Destin yawn again trying to snuggle deeper into the corner. Seeing that neither was eating the popcorn, he picked up the bowl and set it onto the table. He saw the boy glance at him though sleepy eyes. He moved, not sure how they ended with Destin laying on his back as Armand leaned over him.

"Armand?" Destin said quietly his eyes wide as he looked up at him.

"You should head to bed; it's late," Armand's mouth inches from Destin's. Yet even though he told the boy to go to bed, he didn't release him. He was fighting with himself; he wanted to drag the boy to his bed and ravish him. Yet he knew he had to go slow with the boy, or just keep him in his bed until he gives.

"Armand?" Destin said again, fear creeping into his voice. Destin didn't move when Armand's mouth covered his, this kiss felt different. Yet as fast as the whole thing started, it stopped, and Armand sat up.

"Go," He said softly, seeing the boy bolt from the room. Leaning back, he ran his hand through his hair and sighed. He had been sorely tempted, but the fear in Destin's voice stopped him. Too fast, and Destin would bolt from his life, and he didn't want that. Turning off the TV, he stared at the blank screen. What was he going to do? Never in his life had he been this taken with someone.