Hey guys, sorry to disappoint but this fiction is CLOSED.


I wrote another fiction, with basically the same characters, but the plot is switched up like crazy. Look it up soon under my name.
Plot: Deidrichk (Kind of like Damien) was a human being at one point, but as a child he was quarantined because of a new disease and cast away by his family and friends where he learned to adapt to the wilderness on his own. He becomes one of new england's most feared killers, and is put to rest. 100 years later, the curse subduing him has worn off and he's back in modern time, feastng off of humans who dare to wander into his woods. The Government has tried many attempts to kill Deidrichk, but has not succeeded. They create a humanoid, they call "Ian" (Jessie) who has matched strength and power of Deidrichk. Ian is built to kill as well as Deidrichk. Through fights and injuries, the two become to love each other and....well, MRPEG ensues!!