All they have


Who are they?

They are the ones

The ones who are not

Not in a group

Or not the right size

Their too fat

Or too skinny

But still they are just not right

They are all alone

No one to comfort them

No one to love them

No one even cares

They stay to themselves

With no one to trust

Though they seem

They have no heart

They only do not show

That deep inside

The pain they feel

Will ache and bleed and scar

No matter how they try to stop That scar from growing

And from getting out of hand

The pain will not stop acheing

And the scar will keep on growing

All that from looks and words

We really cannot stop

Although they hurt for many years

There's nothing they can do

They'll go through life

And always get the words and looks they fear

They are their own

Yet so are we

We have our world

And so do they

Though theirs is full of pain and hurt

They do not fall

But still stand tall

They live with ache and pain as friends

They do not cry

For emotion they fear

They do not laugh

Theres no one who cares

They love their world

'cause it's all that have