I took home a bag of moonlight today
as a souvenir of sorts. I wanted to carry
something beautiful with me, in hopes
it would make me feel beautiful as well
but instead I feel all the more ugly.
I thought if I carried moonlight with me,
someone would look at me the way they
look at the moon, but I was wrong, as always.

I came home from school today,
and there was a hole in my bag of moonlight.
The moon-shine had left me, and I was
once more the uglylittleshortandfatstupid girl
I always was. I wish I could bring the
moonlight back, but the sun ate it up.
I wish I could sew the bag back together,
and then bring home some more moonlight,
but what's the point, if it didn't work?

I took home a bag of moonlight today,
but it found a way to leave me. That
moonlight decided to fly away, because
it knew I wasn't worth it. I thought that
maybe moonlight would love me,
but I was wrong. Who loves a girl
who use a bag with a hole in it to
collect moonlight?