Maria and John made their way back to the house after their graduation ceremony. It was starting to get dark and some families were crying because their children were growing up and some friends were hoping to spend a meaningful summer before some went away.

Those four years went by pretty fast for them, but they were ready to go to college and further their education. But first they were going to enjoy the summer before they would have to start working again.

"I can't believe it. We're going to be college freshmen in a couple of months!" Maria said with a nervous smile.

"Yeah, life goes by pretty fast. Hopefully college will have less drama." John said as he gave Maria a light nudge.

"I know you're not blaming me." Maria pouted.

"I'm not naming names," John said as he pointed at Maria.

"Oh, stop it!" Maria gave John a playful slap on his shoulder before he engulfed her in his muscular arms to give her a passionate kiss with plenty of tongue. After detaching their lips from each other the happy couple needed a second to breathe.

"I love you Maria." John said with love and tenderness shining in his beautiful eyes.

"You better!" Maria said with a smirk on her face.

John picked her up and threw her on the couch to start tickling her. "Fine, I love you too!" Maria said between tickles.

"I don't think I believe you."

"That's not my problem," Maria chuckled as she escaped and ran to her room.

"You guys make a cute couple." John turned around to see his parents standing there with their eyes on him.

"I didn't hear you come in." John said as he scratched his head and averted his eyes as he realized that they probably caught them playing around.

"Why don't you take your sister and your friends out to eat to celebrate." His father said as he handed him some cash. "We'll celebrate as a family tomorrow. Go have fun!" His parents smiled at him and made their way out.

His father knew he didn't like Maria calling him his sister, especially if he witnessed the way that they just kissed. Siblings do not kiss like that, but stepssiblings may. That was John's logic that he tried to spread to Maria. It seemed to John that a lot of things happened in the past year, but he is just glad to have his Maria and graduate high school. He knew college was going to be tough, but he knew that as long as Maria was by his side everything would be alright. He ran to his room to change clothes so he could hang out with his friends and woman. Nothing could take away the smile on his face or the happiness in his heart.

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