My Ailment From The Boy

I'm sick of trying to guess when it will be alright to be near you.

I'm bored of being wrong about everything that has to do with you.

I'm disgusted with being your whipping girl simply because you decided you liked me for those few weeks.

I'm displeased with myself for allow you to treat me like I'm nothing.

I'm jaded because of your constant sadistic tendencies.

I'm revolted by the fact that there are human beings that are more horrible then you.

I'm tired of acting like it doesn't bother me when you're horrible to me.

I'm weary of going to any sort of function because of the dread that you will be there.

I'm outraged because I did nothing to you to make you so maddened.

I'm miserable because the only person you think of is yourself and your pain.

I'm chafed by your presence.

I'm irritable whenever you're around me.

I'm annoyed because everything I do is a great offense to you.

I'm abhorred at the way you treat everyone around you, especially me.

I'm frustrated at the melodrama of my high school life because of you.

I'm livid with the knowledge that you see nothing wrong with your own actions.

I'm infected by your aloofness.

I'm nauseated because of you.

But most of all, I'm pissed because you're an asshole!