Cardboard Castles / For Warmth

This is supposed to be my emancipation from the deceased dreams
That previously held me hostage within an atmosphere of prevarication,
Yet I've never shivered so much from having my sensitive heart
Stained with a record number of ice-cold tears caused by the
Unexpected realisation that what I've been longing for isn't here.

In contrast to belief that I would first caress the unblemished face
Of authenticity and tranquility once arriving at this destination,
I find myself viewing a devastated society that doesn't have the
Courage to search towards betterment owing to the devil's fork
Inflaming all cardboard castles which served as inspiration for existence.

Regardless, due to this happening I have temporised the conclusion that
My intense desire will only take me higher, eventually allowing the possibly
To be an illuminated star in the murky sky exactly as I've eternally envisioned,
And if that isn't my future, initiating permanent departure from this life, I wish to be an
Angel so that my wings would dry all liquid fears within the innocent everywhere.

Therefore, with my target clearly established, I admit that I'm truly disappointed in the outcome
This locality has provided considering the motivation it has equipped me with to keep conscious
For so long, but I know that I've got to move on for every reason relating to my wellbeing,
So with one final squint at that defected yet informative piece of my life, I continue with my quest
For warmth, prepared to grasp the opportunities that will hopefully complete me…