Tanner Bay Episode 1: Pilot

Words in Italics are narrations. The lines are meant to separate the storylines.

Welcome to Tanner Bay, New Jersey. Tanner Bay is the home of many odd characters. Richard Anderson grew up in Tanner Bay. His parents were neglectful of him, and thus he got into all kinds of mischief. Ever since he was 10, Richard had a crush on two girls, Candy Lyman, and Merry Corinth. Both returned the crush. However, Merry's family kept her from dating which put a wedge in her plans to be with Richard.

Candy's parents frequently left her alone in the house. At the age of 15, she invited a 15-year-old Richard to come over to her house. Candy invited Richard up to her room. She longed to know what sex was and so she intended to try it with Richard. She ran up ahead of Richard and quickly got naked before Richard could get to her room. Before he knew it, Richard was naked on top of Candy having sex with her. Richard tried to stop but he had never experienced an orgasm before and that prevented him from moving. Afterwards, both of them were at a loss for words at what they had just done.

Richard decided that it would be best for him to leave. The two thought that they could put this day behind them but fate wasn't so kind. Candy had become pregnant from their sexual encounter. Nine months later, she gave birth to a baby girl she named Julie. At the age of 19, she married Richard and prepared for a happy life with him. At the age of 25, she gave birth to fraternal twin boys. They named them Kyle and Trent.

Richard and Candy were happy, until tragedy struck them five years later. While driving in the car with Julie one dark and stormy night, Candy's car went off the road. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after. Julie was lucky enough to survive, but Candy was killed upon impact. The Anderson family was torn apart, their lives were never again to be the same.

And so we arrive at the present day, which is slightly more then ten years later. Richard is a lawyer, and his daughter Julie, got a desk job at the police station. Kyle and Trent, now teenagers morphed into polar opposites. Kyle became a quiet boy whose insecurities about his own body led to him being sort of an outcast at his school. Trent on the other hand became a wild person who frequently gets into trouble. Unlike Kyle, Trent is obsessed with sexuality and is determined to learn more about it through personal experience.

Richard ran out of the house, he was late for work again.

He said to Julie, make the boys some breakfast. I'll see you tonight people.

Julie made eggs and toast for her brothers and they sat down together to eat breakfast.

It was a Friday.

They talked little at breakfast. After they were done, Kyle and Trent left to head to Tanner Bay High. Julie did the dishes before heading to her job as a Desk Detective.

When she arrived at the station, Officer Chuck said to her, "You're late."

She apologized and got right to work.

Officer Chuck was a good friend of the family. Born as Chestor Haden, he decided to give himself the nickname, of Chuck. He and Richard were good friends. He admired Richard and eventually Richard came to sort of look at Chuck as a little brother. However, Chuck had dreams of becoming a cop. And he fulfilled these dreams. As a cop, he usually got into conflicts with Richard. But he still cared for Richard and the Andersons. He had given Julie her job there out of compassion for her after she was fired from her job at the local school. This proved to be a wise decision as Julie assisted in solving many a case.

At about 10AM, a young man was brought in to the police station. He was trying to escape but the police held a tight grip on him. He was brought to a cell.

Julie asked Chuck, "So what did he do?"

Chuck replied, "See for yourself."

Chuck dropped a picture on Julie's desk. In the picture was a nude girl. She was dead and covered with blood.

Julie backed away from her desk. She said, "Oh my gosh. What happened?"

Chuck said, "The guy we brought in, he's 20-year old Trey Slyer. He and the victim, Judith Grant were lovers. We tested the DNA we found on her and it matches his. Thus we've determined that he and victim had sexual relations before he killed her."

Julie asked, "What was the cause of death?"

Chuck replied, "Three bullets to the chest. I assume like usual, you're gonna want to speak to the perp, right?"

Julie replied, "What else? It's my job to solve these cases."

Chuck led Julie down to the cell where Trey was being held.

Chuck left her alone there under the watch of another officer.

Trey asked, "So are you the lawyer these jokers hired?"

Julie replied, "No, I'm a Desk Detective."

"You're a what? Desk Detective? I've never heard of them."

"I know; it's kind of a position they made up just for me. Anyway, let's get down to business; you want to get out of here don't you? So I'm here to hear your side of the story."

Trey asked, "My side? So now they care about my side of the story?"

Julie said, "Just tell me."

"Ok fine. That night, I was at her house. We were lovers after all. We made love a few times that night, like we usually did when we were together. After about our third time that night, she got hungry. She didn't really have anything to eat in the house so I went go to get Chinese Take-out at the place around the corner. When I got back, I found her, dead."

"Is there anyone who can prove that you were at the Chinese Restaurant when your girlfriend was killed?"

"I was served wasn't I. So obviously there should be someone to corroborate my alibi. But obviously, the cops didn't care about that when they arrested me. Now how bout you leave me alone. I'm gonna be questioned at trial and I want to save my voice."

Julie reluctantly left the cell.

When she got back, Chuck asked her, "So, what is your take on the guy?"

Julie replied, "I dunno yet, he could be innocent; he could be guilty. I guess we'll have to wait for the trial to find out."

Meanwhile at school, Trent and the rest of his class were getting out of gym class. They went into the locker rooms, took off their clothes, and headed to the showers.

The class noticed Kyle exiting the changing rooms fully clothed while they were in the locker rooms.

A boy named Seth said, "Hey Trent, why is it that your brother never showers with the rest of us?"

Trent replied, "He's embarrassed. He doesn't like being seen naked, he doesn't even like to look at naked people."

Seth gasped, "So I guess that means porn is out of the question huh?"

Trent's friend Derek said, "Maybe he's gay."

Trent replied, "Nah, he's not gay."

Seth asked, "You live with him. You must have some idea as to what's wrong with him."

Trent replied, "Nah, he hasn't let anybody see him naked since he was eight. And he always makes himself scarce when I get out of the shower. He seems to be afraid of nudity for some reason."

Seth and Derek laughed. Seth said, "Yeah, he's weird. We'll have to introduce him to our world one day."

After the shower, the three headed to the locker room and got dressed.

They went to their next class, which was History. Kyle was already in the class. They each went to their desks.

A few days passed and Trey was finally brought up for a bail hearing.

Richard burst into the courtroom. He said, "The Lady killer, he's mine."

Trey asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Richard replied, "You're lawyer."

"I didn't higher you."

"Well I just hired myself. Now you either like it or go to jail."

The Judge banged the gavel saying, "Enough of this wasting of time. Let's get on with it already."

Richard and the prosecutor argued back and forth for over an hour on whether or not Trey should be granted bail. The judge ultimately sided with the prosecutor and Trey was remanded into custody. Richard managed to get a quick trial date. He hoped that he had a strong enough case to get Trey off on the charged.

The day of the trial finally came. Julie was present for it.

The prosecution produced a sole witness, the arresting officer.

He presented the facts that he found a gun, which was registered to Trey at the scene. His fingerprints and his alone were on the gun. There was no sign of any Chinese food in the house when he got there and the worker at the Chinese Restaurant never saw Trey. This is what the officer said on the stand. Richard tried to find a hole in his argument, but he could not.

The Prosecution quickly rested, feeling that the case was an open-shut case.

Richard got his chance to begin his defense on the first day. He called his first witness, the victim's sister. She testified that she had never seen a violent streak in Trey. She had met him many times and thought that he was a gentle person. She said that she could not think him capable of murder.

Richard asked her, "Your sister, Judith, she had another lover before Trey if I understand correctly."

The sister, Maylene, said, "Yes, Benny Carliviti."

Richard asked, "Can you describe her relationship with Mr. Carliviti?"

Maylene replied, "Yes. It was bad. He was easily angered. Eventually, she broke it off with him. But he kept stalking her. When she began to date Trey, Benny eventually backed off. But in the days before she died, Benny began to contact her again."

Richard asked, "Do you know where Benny Carliviti is now?"

Maylene replied, "He's dead. He shot himself in the head the day after they found my sister's body. He had a picture of her on her lap."

Richard said, "Nothing further."

The prosecutor got up and asked Maylene, "Was there any evidence to support your accusation of Benny killing your sister?"

Maylene replied, "I never said he killed her."

The prosecutor continued, "Just answer the question."

She said, "No, I don't."

The prosecutor continued, "In fact, Benny Carliviti has an alibi for the night your sister was killed. He was seen in a bar, all night. So how could he possibly have killed her?"

She replied, "I guess, I mean, I dunno."

The prosecutor said, "Nothing further."

When there was a recess until the next day, Richard visited Trey who was sent back to his cell.

Richard said to Trey, "I'm not putting you on the witness stand. You're a known shady character in town and the arresting officer's word will be taken above yours."

Trey asked, "So what are you going to do?"

Richard asked, "I don't know. I really do not know."

"Are they going to convict me?"

"They might. There is only one thing that can save you, and that is lack of motive. But the prosecution has enough evidence to convict too. It could go either way."

Trey said, "I didn't do this Mr. Anderson, don't let me go to jail for it. I loved my girlfriend, and I want to see her real killer brought to justice."

Richard said, "I'll do my best for you Trey, but I cannot make promises."

Richard left the cell. He was tired after a hard day so he went to a bar for a few drinks.

At home, Kyle and Trent were alone. Kyle came out from the bathroom, after having taken a shower, fully clothed.

Trent saw him and said, "You still get changed in the bathroom?"

Kyle said, "Is something wrong with that?"

Trent said, "Yeah, it's weird."

Kyle replied, "Um, sorry dude, It's just how I am."

Kyle went into his room and sat down on his bed. Trent went into his own room and took off all of his clothes. He exited his room naked. However Kyle's door was already shut and locked.

Trent banged on the door. He said, "Oh come on Kyle. What's the big deal? We're twin brothers for heaven's sake."

Kyle said, "Trent, you know I don't get into the same things you do."

Trent replied, "I seriously don't know what's wrong with you man. Hey dude, I borrowed a dirty magazine from Seth, what you say we have some fun with it?"

Kyle said, "What? Hey you know, just shut up. You know where I stand on such things. Now just leave me alone already."

Trent gave up. He took it with him into the bathroom and shut the door.

Kyle lay back on his bed alone. He turned on the radio to his favorite radio station. He gave a loud sigh as laid back and enjoyed his music. A single tear flowed down his face.

The next morning, Richard was preparing his closing arguments at the breakfast table. Julie had prepared hot oatmeal for him and her brothers. Kyle and Trent came down as usual and ate their breakfast with the family. Both were unusually quiet though.

Julie asked her father, "So do you think you can win today?"

Richard asked, "I hope so. If not, Trey's going to be seeing nothing but the inside of a jailhouse for a longtime."

When breakfast was done and the dishes washed, Kyle and Trent headed off to school while Richard and Julie went to the courthouse. Julie had taken the morning off to see the closing arguments.

When all was settled at the courthouse, the trial continued.

The Prosecutor was the first to make his closing statement. He approached the jury.

He said to them, "This case is an open-shut, we found the murder weapon used to kill the victim left at the scene, with the defendant's finger prints on it. He lied to the police when he said that he gone out for Chinese Food. No proof of this has been given. There was no receipt, and no sign of Chinese Food having been in that house near the shooting. And to add to it, the store clerk who was working at the time he claimed to have bought the food has said that he had never seen him at any time during that night. And so, we're back to the original point. This case is open and shut. He has done it, and the evidence shows this. If you do not convict him, you have put a killer back on the streets. The evidence proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that he killed Judith Grant."

The prosecutor sat down.

Richard got up and addressed the jury. He said, "I am sure that the prosecution would like you to believe that this is an open-shut case. The reason most likely being that they didn't investigate any other suspects. We heard testimony that the victim's old lover wanted her back. And days later, he committed suicide with her picture in his lap. Perhaps he killed himself out of guilt for killing her. Maybe he killed her by accident, or in a passion. Maybe he set it up to look like my client did the deed, to get back at him for taking his girl. I guess we'll never know. But, Benny Carliviti has a motive. And his so-called alibi is a bunch of drunks in a bar? My client, he has no motive. He and the deceased were very much in love. What possible reason would he have for killing her? Seeing as it was his gun, of course his prints would be on it. Maybe the real killer wore gloves; killers tend to do that. The point of all of this is that the prosecution has ignored the fact that my client has no motive and the evidence they had is not proof beyond all reasonable doubt. Do not send an innocent man to prison."

Richard sat back down. The judge sent to jury to deliberate.

Trey was taken back to his cell during the deliberation period.

Richard went down to Trey's cell to keep him company for a while. Nearly an hour later, a guard came in and informed them that the jury was coming back.

Trey asked, "Al-already? But it's barely been an hour. What does this mean?"

Richard replied, "It means that they didn't have much trouble deciding which side they believed. So one side must've been very convincing. We had just better hope that it was ours."

Trey was brought back into the courtroom.

The judge was handed a small piece of paper by the guard. He returned it and asked the foreman.

"Have you reached a unanimous verdict?"

The Juror responded, "We have your honor."

He asked, "What say you?"

"On the charge of murder in the 1st degree, we find the defendant, Trey Slyer, not guilty. On the charge of murder in the 2nd degree, we find the defendant, Trey Slyer, not guilty."

The judge said, "Thank you for your service and you are all discharged." He said to Trey, "Mr. Slyer, you are free to go."

Trey hugged Richard and said, "Thanks man, you really saved my ass."

Richard said, "Hey, it's what I do."

Trey walked over to Julie and said, "And thank you for standing by me."

Julie said, "You're very welcome."

Trey left the courtroom. Julie went to work to finish out her day and Richard went back to his office.

That night, Julie left the house to walk over to Trey's place to surprise him. As she turned the corner to go to his house, she saw him getting out of his car. He went to the other side and opened the door. Judith's sister got out of the car. Trey closed the car door as he and Maylene shared a passionate kiss.

Julie overheard Maylene say, "That was some victory you had today. That Richard must be one hell of an attorney."

Trey said, "Yep, one hell of an attorney."

Afterwards, Maylene went into the house. Trey followed her in. Julie turned back around the corner and leaded against a fence.

She said to herself, "He was guilty, wasn't he?"

Julie quietly walked home.

Tanner Bay!

On the next Tanner Bay, The murder of a convenient store worker leaves 1 sole suspect, an outcast man who is obsessed with monkeys. But did he really commit murder or is prejudice playing a role in the investigation. And Kyle's friend from school reveals a whole knew side of himself to everyone, and it may put a strain on his friendship with Kyle.