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Something warm was lying next to me. Warm air blew across my cheek and arms were curled around me. I opened my eyes to see Jeremy staring back at me.

"Good morning sleepy head," he said, a smile spreading across his face.

I yawned and covered my mouth. "How long have you been up?"

"About ten minutes."

"What time is it?"

"Somewhere around nine."

"Nine!" I sat bolt upright. "My parents are going to wake up any minute!"

Jeremy shrugged as if to say "so?"

"My mom's have been checking on me every morning," I whispered. "She's been making sure I come back at night."

"What do you mean 'come back'?" asked Jeremy sitting up looking concerned.

"I've been going out at night to see Bartholomew," I admitted. Jeremy developed a worried and slightly distressed look on his face.

"Conner, you could get really sick doing that!"

I shrugged, "I was-am always careful.

"Still…" Jeremy trailed off. I reached up and hugged him. I hated making him worry. It always made me feel guilty.

Footsteps in the hall startled us both and Jeremy dove under the blankets just in time. Mom poked her head my room and looked around before her gaze settled on me.

"Conner, who were you talking to?"

"Myself," I said.

She eyed me critically for a moment then nodded. "Okay. Don't forget you're going to the psychiatrist at one."

"I won't."

Mom looked around my room one more time before she left. Her footsteps faded as she went downstairs and into the kitchen.

"She's gone," I told Jeremy, peering under the blankets.

"Come here," he beckoned me under the blankets with him.

"What?" I was already sliding down.

"Just come here- wait, what time is it now?"

"Eh, about nine-ten."

"Do your parents still let you lock your door?"

"Yeah," I said, catching on. My face flushed as I got up to lock my bedroom door.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything like that," Jeremy assured me when he saw my face. "I just don't want your parents to find me."

I slid back under the blankets and Jeremy pulled me close. "Can we stay here until you have to leave?" he asked.


For the next hour or so, Jeremy and I stayed in my bed cuddling and talking. We used to do this for hours. It wasn't until me stomach started growling loudly that I finally got up; but even then Jeremy had to make me go get some food. I brought my breakfast in my room to share with him.

"I don't have to eat," Jeremy explained when I offered him the biscuits on my plate and some of my juice. "I've returned more in spirit and not so much physically.

"But you don't feel any different than a normal person," I said, puzzled. He tried to answer as I munched on a biscuit.

"Well, it's kind of complicated," Jeremy said. He was sitting on the edge of my bed with a quilt wrapped around him. "My entire spirit is present, kind of like a ghost, but not all of my body is. That's why I'm so pale. I'm kind of like a physical ghost but a little more physically present than that. Dose that make any sense?"

Kind of," I said nodding. "Your spirit is completely present but your body isn't, right?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

I finished my breakfast, leaving some for Jeremy in case he changed his mind. I slowly started getting ready to leave. Even though my appointment wasn't until one (which left me nearly two and a half hours) my mom would probably want to run some errands before hand.

Jeremy and I whispered our conversations across my room as I dressed. Wait, I guess it's his room too now. Our room; I liked the way it sounded. He stayed on the bed with my top quilt wrapped around him tightly. Jeremy seemed more sedate now than he had been before his death, he wasn't near as energetic.

It was rather ironic; I had always scoffed at people who believed in ghosts and thought those who claimed communication with those beyond the grave to be lunatics. Now that I was talking to the physical ghost of my dead boyfriend it didn't seem like lunacy anymore.

"Jeremy," I said quietly, "Could you have come back any sooner?"

He seemed to ponder this for a moment before answering. "Maybe. The Snow Spirits had to make a bargain with the Fates before I could come back. The Snow Spirits caught them on a bad day so it took a while longer than it really should have. Time beyond the grave is different from time on earth so it seems like it took a horrendously long time to make the bargain, but beyond the grave it actually only took about five hours or so."

Jeremy got off the bed and padded across the floor in his sock feet and stood behind me. He threw the blanket over my shoulders and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"What bargain did the Snow Spirits make with the Fates?" I asked, my voice shaky, thinking it was something horrible. The Fates were often represented as cruel and sadistic in the world of the living. You have no idea how badly I prayed the bargain wouldn't match their supposed persona.

"Conner, not right now," Jeremy whispered leaning his forehead on my shoulder.

"Tell me!" I demanded raising my voice at him and immediately feeling guilty for it. I didn't like the way Jeremy avoided the subject; he was keeping something from me. He's practically never kept anything from me nor have I kept anything from him. Of course we kept some stuff to ourselves, things the other had no business knowing or we didn't feel the need to reveal. But nothing like this, never anything like this.

"Please Conner, not right now," He pleaded sounding like a helpless child. "Just not right now."

Sighing I gave in. "Fine, but you have to tell me sometime soon. I don't like not knowing something that important." I didn't press Jeremy further though I desperately wanted to, he didn't seem willing to tell at the moment.

"Is there anything you'll need while I'm gone?"

"No," said Jeremy, "I'm good. I'll probably just sleep some more."

"Weren't you just dead? Why would you want to sleep more?"

"You forget I'm not occupying my corpse," said Jeremy. "This is a copy of my original body so it's nowhere near as rested as it should be."

"Oh, yeah." I stacked my cup on my plate, leaving the remaining biscuit on a Kleenex in the exact center of the desk. I was being a bit short with him but he didn't really seem to notice as he shuffled across the floor to my- wait, our, mattress. I balanced my dished and carried them downstairs into the kitchen.

Mom was reading the newspaper as she sipped her coffee at the kitchen table. I put my dishes in the sink and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge for Jeremy. Even though he said he didn't need or want anything it was better to have it and not need it rather than not having it and needing it.

"Good morning," said Mom looking up. She folded her paper and sat it aside. "I need to run some errands before your appointment so we need to leave as soon as you're ready."

I glanced at the clock on the stove. It read nearly ten forty; there was still about two hours until my appointment. She must have some extreme errands to run. Slowly I shuffled back up the stairs to my room. I was a bit miffed at Jeremy but it wasn't completely because he wouldn't tell me the bargain; to be honest I wasn't quite sure what it was.

Jeremy was curled up on my bed when I entered my room. His back was turned to the rest of the room and he rolled over as I closed the door behind me.

"My mom and I are going to leave in a few minutes," I said. "We should be back around two-thirty or so. My dad is at my grandparents' house helping them with all the snow, so he shouldn't be back until late tonight.

"Okay, I'll be here."

I pulled on my gloves, jacket and boots and wrapped my scarf around my neck. It took me a minute to locate my toboggan which I stuffed in my jacket pocket.

"Come here," said Jeremy beckoning me to him. I was till miffed from earlier and I was tempted not to but in the end I gave in. This was the first day in a long while that'd I'd been with Jeremy and heck if I was going to screw it up further. I sat on the bed next to Jeremy and leaned to the side as I looked down at him.

Jeremy reached up and pulled me towards him with a hand on the back of my neck. He pecked me on the lips sweetly. "Have a good day."

"And you couldn't get up to do that?" I teased lightly.

"Nope," said Jeremy. He grinned at me and I knew all had been forgiven.

"See you this afternoon," I said ad I stood up.

"See ya."

Just before I left I locked the door. My dad most likely would not get back until around four but I wasn't willing to take the chance. Jeremy knew how to unlock it from both sides so I wasn't concerned about him. I just really didn't want my parents to find him. Goodness knows what would happen if they did.

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