I am not
Please don't give me a name
nothing you could call me with
and nothing you could call me
With no name I must prove
worthy of being sung,
I will be free to watch bad daytime television
and numb my brain with pop culture
and unnecessary gadgets that pretend
to bring us closer by isolating
(like any normal teenager)

Please don't deprive me of this precious misconception
don't remind me of how I may be special
how I may be well on my way to becoming a beloved cliché
how I may change the world someday
(watch out, the world is watching you)
don't remind me of those who don't want me to
change what they could not,
how they're waiting for me to fall
and I may

No, I will not be myself today,
not because myself is unacceptable, but because
constant integrity is exhausting when flashy
advertisements for overpriced clothing bombard:
"Be you," when they really invite you, with
liberating bad grammar to "Be us."
but I won't be either right now,
will not succumb and will not rebel
I will not be at all

I will not be mature for my age, articulate, opinionated, different,
An actress, singer, writer, cacophony-in-a-box,
teenage girl who needs to shut up because
she's just smart enough for it not to be good for anybody
I will have no morals to hinder me, no feelings to keep me from detaching,
from seeing the world in glorious, blissfully ignorant shades of black and white,
from hating, from loving absolutely
from hiding

I am not potential, not expectation, not anticlimax
I am not here
I am a truly impartial party, at last
and I will watch you and tell you all
what you are doing wrong and state the
miraculously obvious in
my precise and flawless solution
for all of your problems, like I know
(when really, I just wish I could go an entire
sentence without saying the word "I,"
without giving myself a name.)

------------------------------------------------------It's always easier that way, isn't it?