A/N: I posted this on me deviantArt account, also.

.roads to nowhere.

her life is all roads
stretching out into oblivion.
it's the mood ring on her ring finger,
and the lighter in her pocket
(a birthday present from someone
who mattered, once upon a time),
and the bag she carries with her.

sometimes she forgets her own name
because nobody's called her by it
for so damn long.
and she talks to herself
when there's nobody around
(which is usually the case),
but it's fine because
she makes more sense than
most people she's met.

her feet grip the earth
like she's gonna fall up
if she lets go.
all she wants to do is go forward,
walk like normal people walk.
and when the rain comes,
she lets it weigh her down.
it keeps her steady,
keeps the beat that she marches to,
all alone,
treading roads to nowhere.