Throw the sticks and stones, please. I deserve it.

I have no excuses, and cannot explain my disappearance. What I can do, however, is let you all know that I'm going to be publishing the next chapter for CoaTM very soon (I promise!), and that I'll be going back through the chapters that have already been posted and changing a couple of things. I'm back, and I promise I'll work harder to keep it that way.

Also, I've got a new story that I'm currently mapping out. It's going to be different than anything I've ever done, but it's pretty original, and I'm very proud of it. And dedicated. So dedicated, in fact, I'm going to hold out on posting it online and just write the whole thing on paper first, which is a big deal since I haven't done that in ages. I'll give a few more details once I've got CoaTM running properly.

Thanks so much for the views, reviews, alerts, and favorites. This post is for you.

I'm excited about writing again.