it just shattered
like a mirror
glass shards all over the floor
and reflections of the young girls staring down into it
asking "what just happened?"
and giving each other puzzled looks.

it just ripped in half
like a picture of the two girls
so close
("joined at the hip")
torn apart into two separate pieces
now laying on the table top
both pieces crisp around three sides
but ragged and torn down the fourth;
the girls' smiles look so distant
and their eyes look stone cold
now that they are separated.

the blond stares down at the shards of glass
and wonders
should she step on them?

while the brunette stands over the table top
and picks up the half with the blond in it
(looking so damn happy)
and asks herself
should she rip it again?

the blond finds the picture
torn down the middle and mutilated
and tapes the halves back together
(the way they should be)
and although the picture will never look the same
the memory still remains.

the brunette sees the shattered mirror
all the tiny fragments laying on the floor
and realizes that
it's all over;
sweeps the mirror pieces up and throws them in the trash.

Memory fixed.

Friendship ruined.