A/N: Alright, people, this is the beginning of a novel idea of mine to bring my music and my writing together. I am currently in the writing process for a progressive rock band (unnamed) and am following a concept in my lyric writing, a storyline that all lyrics shall fit into one way or another. I realized that I also should make things more cohesive, as it is difficult to grasp the concept through the music alone, so I am writing this story to follow the concept and explain it more clearly. At the end of each chapter, I will post the related song lyrics. This chapter gets no lyrics, however, because the introduction is instrumental. SeeShellOf Blood will also be working with me on this project, as my beta and by writing supporting works to the main concept.

Prologue: The Traveler Lost of His Own Volition

I would tell you it happened long ago, but from where I stand now, it wouldn't make much sense to me. Men were not meant to watch the world from the outside; I am an eternal trespasser upon the domain of much higher beings. I wonder how he ever was able to see enough in order to make it out of here.

Let me be more coherent, although that has become difficult for me. I was once a normal man, but I am now reduced to something less than the meanest animal. I am the conscious nothing. I am naught but thought, if you will. I have no power, I have nothing but my mind, even my soul was ripped away from me that fateful day…

As I think about it, perhaps my soul was made forfeit earlier than that. There were many days that could have been the day. It could have been the day Theodore died for me. It could have been the day that Dania was killed before my eyes. It could have been the day I trampled on the graves of scientists everywhere. It could have been the day that I released the terror of Ryusuke upon the innocent. But more than likely, it was the day I picked up an unmarked book in my neglected local library……..