This is My Tale

Summary: She's best friends with the one girl I absolutely hate. She's popular and I'm average, she likes boys and I like girls. How the hell did we end up together?


Alex POV

I'm your average 16 year old girl, and being an asian I have black hair with dark brown eyes almost to the point where they're black. I'm not skinny and neither am I fat, just somewhere in between, some of my friends even say I'm tank but I always laugh and brush them off.

I'm also lazy, lazy enough to fall asleep during class for more than half the classes I have in one day. They call me smart, but I always think I'm stupid, I never do my homework either.

Ash and Rayne are my closest friends and they mean a lot to me but I don't show it. They know me well enough to know I care more than I let on to protect myself. The rest of the group makes up my whole world although I'd rather die than let them know.

There was also Michelle Davis who I happened to hate with everything I had, the oh-so fake barbie doll of our year level who was Dani Summer's best friend. Wasn't it just a coincidence that all the popular people had the perfect bodies? But as for Michelle Davis, her face ruined it all.

Another one that got on my nerves was Sarah Keilar. The brunette thought she was better than everyone else when she was pretty much the opposite. Her hair was terrible but none of her friends told her it was and I don't know why. Then there she was with her shuffling and the running man, and it was horrible.

And to make it worse, there was Tina Wright who just wouldn't shut up even if you put masking-tape over her mouth. The red-head was also the most well known slut of the whole yr 11's. Wearing the school uniform so that it barely covers her ass and sleeping with other girls' guys, yep, that was her.

Then there was Danielle summers, or Dani, which she preferred people call her. She was popular, with the looks and body. In my opinion, she was too skinny but I couldn't imagine her any other way. And she had 10 out of 10 for the looks, she had medium brown hair with a blonde layer over the top. She didn't turn herself into a blonde, no, you could still see the brown underneath and in all honesty it suited her. And her eyes always seemed to shine brown which I found fascinating.

And what scared the shit outta me was how damn much I loved her even when I was sure she didn't know I existed. I felt so stupid, I didn't feel myself for doing the things I did.

When I see her in the corridors, I'd make up an excuse to my friends, to myself that I have to do something so I can get a closer look at her. And as I pass the brunette, I would always take in her scent, and it would linger in my mind for the rest of the day.

It was the little things that I did so I could try to be that much closer to her but always failed to. It was frightening to have such feelings running so deep in my veins but I couldn't stop it, even if I wanted to, and I didn't want to.

I was always waiting for my fairytale dream to happen, where everything would be perfect.

Where it would be me and her…

I was crazy over Danielle Summers.

Although I knew we would be impossible because we were two people from completely different worlds, her group hated my guts and I hated the barbie dolls. Everything was set into place but it all changed one day because someone tripped Dani over and I caught her in my arms.

Fate decided to play on my side of the whole situation.

And this is my tale…

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