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`Normal POV_

Alex Parker leaned against the school gates, smoking a cigarette, watching the smoke dissolve before her. Her near-black eyes were calm as was her mind when she lifted her head up to look at the cloudless sky.


Said girl pushed herself off the gates and turned just in time to have her girlfriend fly into her arms.

"Hey" she greeted, kissing her hair.

"How long have you been waiting?" the brunette asked, relishing in the warmth Alex provided so freely to her.

"Not long. How was it?"

"It was good, I knew what I was doing, I finished it too" Dani stated proudly, laughing into the asian girl's shoulder.

"Good to know my girlfriend's gonna get a good enter (enterscore)"

"So what's my treat?" the other girl asked, pulling away to look the taller girl in the eyes, raising a brow.

"You don't get one, but the girls are waiting at the beach. And my mission is to get you there so they can get the party started"

She was met with a pout, which she chuckled at shortly before kissing her girlfriend gently.

"Come on, we'll get you home to change first"

"Uhh, you're going to the beach dressed like that?" Dani asked, pointing down at Alex's jeans and tee.

"Actually no, my clothes are in the back of Damian's car, he's taking us" she explained.


It took 15 minutes for Dani and Alex both to come out of the house, the brunette in a black two piece that fitted perfectly and the asian girl in a pair of board shorts and a white singlet. The two walked down the steps with their fingers entwined and sweet smiles on their faces that Damian couldn't help but follow.

The two deserved each other, but more than anything else, they deserved to be happy.

The couple climbed into the backseat and then they were off to the beach where everybody was waiting.

Dani had her last vce exam and they were now officially free, having 4 months of holidays until uni started. They didn't rent out a house or they weren't planning to drive 4 hours to some special apartment, but they sure as hell were gonna go out 7 days a week.

"Here we come!" Dani squealed as she grabbed her girlfriend's hand and pulled her out of the car, running to the crowded beach. Alex followed, chuckling as she eventually threw the brunette in, earning laughter from their friends.


"Another one?" The 18 year old quickly tried to deviate herself from her lover's grasp when she was tackled by at least 5 other girls, making them all submerge into the cool water. Bubbles kept rising to the surface as they attacked one another underwater until Rachel came up for air first. The rest followed until all but Alex had resurfaced and 6 pairs of eyes looked frantically for their other friend who showed her face 10 meters away from them.

"Hah! Suckers think you can-"

Yet when she turned around, her face collided with Damian who grinned down at her.

"Sorry, what was that?" he asked, cupping his ear for extra effect.


Behind the two, the group of girls cheered and whooped, thinking they'd won when Damian smirked, dropping an arm around Alex's shoulder.

"Just kidding, course I'm siding with you" he told her, smiling.

"That's what I thought" Alex nodded, elbowing his chest.

"Now let's scram before they figure it out" he turned them around and the two friends began running away, laughing.

Rayne gasped beside Ash and Dani.

"Oh, that traitor!" she pointed an accusing finger at the waiter.

She then threw her fist in the air,

"Chase!" she commanded of their army consisting of only 6 girls including herself.

She was met with silence, not even the smallest ripples around her and she ducked her head.

"What?" she asked them,

"Attack!" Ash ordered.

All girls turned on Rayne Li, some pushing her under again, and others taking hold of her limbs, flinging her further into the water.

They giggled and laughed as Rayne yelped, trying to free herself form her 'friends', and in the process, groped Ash's chest who then dropped her arm.

"Haha! And I prevail" she glared at the girls through her matted hair that stuck to her forehead and neck.

"Yeah, through perverted means" Dani added, chuckling.

Rayne rolled her eyes,

"Yeah well, Ash liked it" she retorted, eyeing her girlfriend for an affirmative but only received a shake of the head and a sigh.

The girl pouted and crossed her arms, nose pointed up in the air.

45 minutes later, Alex was laying on her towel with her arms tucked behind her head, exhaling. The screaming and running hadn't yet stopped and occasionally she'd open an eye to see what her group was doing to make sure they were alright. And of course, her eyes were trained to pick out the lightly tanned girl who was her girlfriend-just to check up on her. That was until a shadow was cast upon her and she scrunched up her face.

"Stop tanning babe" Danielle Summers smiled, dripping water onto her body and face.

"It's called sleeping sweetheart" Alex corrected sweetly.

The older girl's eyes rolled skyward before she seated herself on Alex,

"So will this get you to open your eyes?" she asked, voice dropping lower.

"Mm, I don't know, it might take a little more"

The brunette rocked her hips once and Alex grinned,

"Yeah, that'll do" she said, looking up at the pretty girl.

"Now that you're awake, Parker, let's get in the water" she whispered, kissing her lover's mouth softly.

"Uh-huh, ok-" but the rest of her sentence was lost as she found Dani's tongue instead and she wrapped her arms around the thin girl's waist, one daringly sliding down her backside.

Dani pulled back, a perfect eyebrow raised.

"That was quite bold" she said, referring to her girlfriend's wandering hand.

"So was frenching me in front of Damian" she countered,

Damian waved his hand from beside Alex on the sand, his shades still snuggly perched on his nose.

"Oh, don't worry bout me" he dismissed them, grinning.

"Well, with that aside, are you coming or what?" Dani tugged at the asian girl's now-dry singlet.

"5 minutes, just give me 5 minutes" she closed her eyes again.

The goddess' eyes narrowed when she figured her girlfriend was clearly playing her and she pinned those arms back to the sand, body lowering until they touched.

"I'll have you know that you're not the only who knows how tease" she murmured, lips grazing the skin at Alex's skin.

"Then show me" Alex smirked.

But before they could do anything else, ice-cold water hit their bodies, making the brunette squeal and jump off the taller girl. Alex opened her eyes and spluttered water from her mouth onto the sand beside her to see Rayne standing before them with an empty bucket.

"No sex! Absolutely no sex at the beach!"

The two girls glared at their friend before Alex opened her mouth,

"Rayne Li," she began, voice calm.

"I'm giving you exactly 3 seconds to run before I break your legs"

"Haha," Rayne laughed unsurely,

"You're so funny" she obviously thought her close friend was joking.

"One" the raven haired girl started counting.

"No, it wasn't my idea, I swear-" she tried to defend herself.


Dani smiled up at Rayne

"I'm with Alex on this one" she added.

So she did the smart thing and ran as fast as God let her, kicking up sand with each hurried step.

"Whoo, you scared her pretty good" Damian commented, pulling the shades down with one hand to see Rayne still running in the distance.

"Of course" Alex snorted, laying back down.

"Three" Dani said, resting her head above Alex's heart, listening to the calming beats.

The younger girl draped an arm around her girl's shoulder, pulling her in closer to press a kiss to her temple.

They smiled and closed their eyes, feeling at ease as they soaked in the sun and their friends' laughter again.

Ash smiled gently, zooming out from the couple cuddling and leaned closer to the built-in microphone of her video-camera.

"And that's their love documentary continued"


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