The light in her eyes fades away; she grows limp in my arms. The last drop of blood is drained. I didn't know it would have to come
to this, never this. I slide my finger tips over her eyes, those piercing steel blue, accusing, questioning, shocked, yet still loving, eyes. Standing up cradling her body to me, I walk in the woods she loved so much during the sunset. Hearing the leaves crunch, the rustling of branches. A slight breeze shifts the hair away from her sweet and angelic face. Again I think how could this happen? I took the sweetness of life from her.

I stop walking as I look around and see where my feet have taken us. The place, her place. There is a large maple tree so old it may have been the first tree there. Under it is a large flat rock she used to sit or lay on. In the surrounding area there are many flowered bushes and her roses. Oh how she loved those roses, red, blood red roses. I lay her beneath her tree in the grass and look up at the starry sky, it was now night. Maybe the stars have the answers to what occurred on this day. How I lost my firm grip of control. But they did not, or if they did would not speak to me because of the atrocity I had committed. I glance back at her still body, it's almost as if she is in deep slumber, I know better though. In life she moved around and could never be still, even in sleep she was so alive. Alive…how I wish she was alive.

Flash back to earlier that day All of a sudden she jumps on me laughing, going "I'm going to get you Pete!" we had just seen Nightmare On Elm Street. I laughed along with her, rolled her under me and said "Whose getting who now?" she looked up at me with sparking eyes full of mischief and wrapped her arms around me kissing me deeply...later on making dinner she blew it up in the microwave and stood their laughing, so I ordered take out…back to the present Tears in my eyes I look around the woods whispering softly "What have I done…" my vision blurs, I see and feel no more.

I awake, it's even darker than before, the stars have even abandoned me. I look back at my angel, I don't even know how she came to be my angel, she was always too good for me, I never deserved her. She was the center of my world, the most beautiful thing, nothing could compare, nothing. She was the only one who understood me, who could love me the way I was no matter what. We completed each other.

I lie down next to her, hoping that somewhere she can hear me, and sing her our song, the one she wrote just for us, so no one else would be able to say it was their song.

My darling don't you cry

I will take you so high

Nothing will take me away

It's with you I shall stay

My darling I am always near

Even though you fear

That one day I will not return

But it's only for you I burn

My darling do not fret

We will have our time yet

So just be patient and loving

I can feel it now, it's coming

I know we will meet again some day, because we must be together, it's the only way either of us can survive. I killed her though… I killed my angel, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't, but somehow I cut her and I couldn't stop, I just kept going and going, making the most beautiful signs on her, but before I knew it, all the blood had drained away as I looked into her eyes for that final time. I couldn't stop it… couldn't stop it… nothing will ever bring her back to me, she will never come back she can't anymore. So I must go to her theirs no other way, is their? No, no other way.

I took the knife and made the same designs on myself as I did her, so we would be one in everything, and before the last drop of blood was gone from my body, I took one single match, and lit our clothes on fire. I held her tightly to me, as we burned together, being reborn together, our second chance together, like in our song "It's only for you I burn".