Spoken Part:
Trekkies, Tekkies, Trekkers Spiner femmes or whatever you may be Please, in the name of all holiness Do not hate the piece I have written But percieve it With open minds, or in this case, ears.

Verse 1 Well, Santa he was real confused With all these Vulcans about He didn't know how his elves got so fall Or why their faces seemed to pout Oh, my friends he couldn't comprehend How elves could be this way He said: "Oh, good jolly, Elves should be jolly Especially during the Holidays"

Chorus Whatever shall I do with these space elves ?
They don't have holidays or mistletoe it seems They seem so boring and calculating But Santa has his ways and has his means

Spoken: So Santa tried to introduce them to Christmas Yet became to realize these weren't elves at all Trying to force them to work and help matters run smoothly Didn't make Santa popular--so then what did befall ?

Verse 2 You see some traditions are better left alone Like leaving the hot, torrid Vulcan zone Santa called it quits there The jolly plan got the nix, well Now he's back on the road to Nome

Chorus 2 The're not at all elves as he imagined And he was glad to leave the Vulcan orb So back to the North Pole he traveled And Christmas never died so Praise the Lord Praise the Lord (Praise the Lord)
Christmas is here to stay And even though it's not Universal It remains so to this day A wondrous, luminous time All hearts can afford So our Christmas stays Bless the Vulcans Praise the Lord !