It's All Wrong

You may act like you like me,

But I know better.

I have a sense that you just aren't gay.

There is a very distinct difference between us.

I can sense your lust for women,

Can you sense my lust for you?

I hope you can, it would make it easier.

I could tell you something you already knew,

Make the pain easier to deal with.

I can cope if you respond with "I already knew".

I wish you could only tell me how you feel.

I don't read minds, only actions.

I am getting them all wrong.

The way you smile at me,

Put your arm around my shoulder,

Stick your tongue out,

Not to anyone else, only me.

I don't want to take the chance on you,

I can't stand to not have you,

I want it to work, so I want you around.

I can live beside you, pretending I have you.

I could not handle being away from you,

My thoughts for you may be all wrong,

But it will be all right.