By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are indeed some addictions that could be cureable--like for instance,drug abuse and stuff like that.
However,there are other addictions that could never be cureable--no matter how hard anyone would try.
One of those addictions is the addiction to comic-books,and one of the symptoms is using the comic-books to escape the real world into a realm of fantasy.
One of those comic-book addicts was Kevin Doubleday,a mystery novelist with a really large stack of comic-books to his name.
Sometimes,when things were to get really ugly,poor Kevin had retreated to his own bedroom,opened up one of the comic-books,and started reading.
"Kevin!",called his mother,Sarah Doubleday,who was being worried about the wellfare of her adult son."KEVIN!IT'S YOUR MOTHER!FOR THE SAKE OF GOD,PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!"
But instead of doing so,all Kevin had done was remain seated on his bed and reading his comic-books,while his mind was roaming around a whole other world,in which funny animals were able to roam around and do goofy stunts freely,and super-heroes were not a fabrication of fantasy.
Also in the realm of fantasy,he had a love interest--while he had read the first issue of POLICE COMICS--in the form of Sandra Knight,aka the Phantom Lady,and they had loved each other so much,that Sandra had wished for a way for Kevin to remain within her world forever.
But alas it was not to be,for back within the real world,and after a whole twenty-seven years of watching her son read nothing but comic-books,it was time for his formerly understandable mother to say enough is enough.
And while Kevin was out bumming around town,poor Sarah had taken each and every comic-book out of his room,and placed them into a large trash bag,which she had then taken out of the house and tossed it into one of the outdoor trash cans.
After that,a pleased Sarah had cleaned his room,in hopes that Kevin would snap out of his comic-book addiction and start reading something else for a change.
But,as soon as Kevin had returned home from a day of bumming around,he had gone into his room only to have recieved a very large shock,for when he had seen each and every one of his beloved comic-books gone from his room,his eyes had grown wide as he had screamed bloody murder.
Then,after he had smacked his mother across the face,which was what she had recieved for trying to calm poor Kevin down,he had slammed his way out of the house and made his way towards the local comic-book store.
After he had smashed his way into the store and gone to sleep with glee,he was picked up by the local cops and taken to the cop station.
Suddenly,the very next morning,Sarah and the cops had agreed that Kevin should be placed within a local mental hospital for his own good.
So far,poor Kevin was still in the nuthouse and I--for one--would like to wish him best wishes for a speedy recovery.