Stop leaving

Stop lying already

Stop shouting

Who are you kidding?

forever isn't real.

what kind of idiot would believe that?

me obviously.

Gawd i swear

i wish i could just see you

it would be the end real quick

your the worst pain i have

the worst person i have met

and the worst thing i ever will forget

your not even worth this

your not worth anything anymore

i was stupid to believe your lies

but hey, its life.

we have our ups and downs.

up or downs.

you think life is just a fun game

well your wrong on so many levels

bring it

come on

you never were the things i wanted you to be

i love the words you never will say

i love the things you never did

i love the lies i believe

i love the reality of it all that

there never was something and there never

will be

I'm done

I'm through

I'm finally me

not you.

I'm finally free

not true.

look upon my shining face

and my hearts still blue

i shredded my ego

what else is new?

i don't care anymore

and there's nothing i cant do.