A/N: Here it is folks… The long awaited 'Why Not to Have a Pin Fetish II'



Chapter 1: The Prologue

"He's dead," Said a voice from the sky, "I killed him…"

"Who killed who?" I asked.

"I killed the robber, duh!" replied the writer, "I shot him with my shotgun."

"I thought you couldn't kill the robber with a gun!" Bobby yelled.

"Oh Shit…I forgot…" said the writer wimpily. There was more gunfire and another thud.

Suddenly, the sky turned red, the clouds grew dark and heavy, and every McDonald's on the face of the earth exploded. The continent of Africa became startled and went .000000005 inches south. Sewage was spewing out of manholes and drains.

A giant crack opened in the sky, with a swirling vortex of pain and hotdogs spinning inside. The earth was coming apart at the seams.

"I'M IN CONTROL NOW!" boomed the robber's voice from the sky.