A/N: Sorry for not posting in ages, things came up

A/N: Sorry for not posting in ages, things came up. Anyhow…

-- Hey Bebbeh! --

Bob and I found each other later that day in my houses built-in hospital, I sat down next to him, "How long have you been pregnant, Bob?"

Bobby glanced at the clock on the wall, "About two days…"

I gestured to his enormous stomach, "It developed THAT much over four days?!"

Bob chuckled, "Ayup! He's my little boy."

My palm hit my face faster than MJ running to little boys, "You know what? I'm going to stay out of this one." And with that, I walked out of my house, and down the street.

The a tear appeared in the clouds that veiled the sky, the writer's voice resonated through the sky, "Eric! Where the hell do you think you're going? Get back inside so I can finish the chapter!"

"I'm going to get a smoothie." I turned the street corner, "See ya!"


The time was near for Bobby to give birth to his baby, a whopping 30 hours of pregnancy, and the doctors in Eric's Houses' Hospital were preparing for the delivery. As he sat on his chair, waiting, a sharp pain flew through his ass, time for the baby. The doctors laid him on the elevated platform, and began the procedure. The whole affair was too painful for Bobby to maintain consciousness, the only time he did come to his senses, he saw the doctors whacking each other with giant penguins.

Nevertheless, the birth was successful and the baby was born. Bobby woke up and the infant was brought to him, and immediately he knew who the father was… the baby had his mask, his black suit, and his shotgun… the father was… the Robber! (Bet ya didn't see that one coming.)

"No! No! When! How! What? Cheeseburgers!" Bobby became startled and confused, he ran over to the nearest closet, flung the door, the robber obviously hiding inside, Bobby's eyes widened with rage "YOU! YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!"

"Shut Up!" the robber freshly answered, "For the time I had total control over reality, I stopped time and impregnated your badonk-a-donk. Got a problem with that?!"

Bob grabbed the Grenade Launcher / Stain Remover from the supply closet and chased the robber out of my house. The robber ran and ran, turned into the Mall and slipped into an elevator the second before it closed. Bob didn't care, he shot the elevator door open with a grenade, then the robber dashed toward the nearby Café with Bobby close behind him. They ran around me, sitting at a table sipping his slurpee, a smiled to myself, "Glad I stayed out of this one."

Bobby pinned the robber down and put the barrel of the Grenade Launcher / Stain Remover to his face, "How am I supposed to take care of him!? If he's anything like you, he'll be the worst kid on Earth!"

"Do not worry, my friend!" the robber said in a Obi Wan-ish voice, "The are reality Television shows for this kind of thing."