Trying to Teach a Blonde

Chapter 1: Driver's Ed. Part II

"No, Trixie, like this…" Mr.Bentz pulled the little lever and dragged from 'P' for Park, to 'D' for Drive, "We can practice that tomorrow too… Now let's learn how to move and stop."

"Yay! I'm learning a lot!" she yelled happily.

"To move, you press this little pedal here,"he pointed to the right-most pedal, "and to stop you press the big pedal over here," he pointed to the brake, "Can you try that?"

Trixie noded, "This pedal to go…" she pressed the pedal to the metal and accelerated insanely fast.

"STOP!!!!" yelled Mr. Bentz in a terrified voice.

"To stop… this petal…" she pressed the brake to the metal, thereby, launching Mr. Bentz out of the windshield.

He dragged himself back into the car, "To… steer… turn… the… wheel…" he pointed to the steering wheel.

"I can do it!" she pressed the gas and started steering like the little kids that pretend to drive, "How do I stop again?"

"Ress…He… Rake..." mumbled Mr. Bents before he passed out from the blinding speed of the car.

"Ress he rake?" she pondered, "I think you mean 'Jump Out of the Car Before it Falls off of the Cliff!'" She opened her door and jumped out, while the car fell off of the cliff with Mr. Bentz still in it.

Trixie shrugged and started walking towards her house, "Driving is too easy for me, maybe I should take cooking…"