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Chapter6: Shopping, heathens, non believers and counting.


Help a poor and... disgusting smelling girl and be a good Samaritan. Or leave her here to rot and be killed.

Hn...I guess I'll help.

Leading her home I started to think. What if she's like, being trailed by the mafia or something? Even though there's always the chance that she's just crazy. I'll hope for the latter. I can't die yet I haven't written my letter to complain about how turkey bacon can't possibly be bacon. I mean seriously, it clearly says TURKEY right on the package! Silly mass producing companies, Trix is a cereal. Anyways, back to reality.

"So...what's your name?" I ask the homeless, possibly crazy, possibly being chased by mafia person. I stared at her awaiting an answer. She looked at me hesitating slightly before saying, " My name is Kisha." And that was all I heard from her until we got home.


When we got home I offered her some food. She declined. I offered her some tea. She declined again. I offered her some clothes, proving it would fit. She didn't decline. Hoorah.

"What about this one?" I asked Kisha, pulling out yet another shirt from Takara's closet. I'd already gone through my whole closet and all she picked from there was a pair of ripped jeans. "There's only Marco's closet left now... do you wanna look in there?" She looked and then slowly nodded. She ended up taking one of his shirts. Hn.

"Can I take you shopping tomorrow?" I asked making dinner. She didn't say anything she just looked down at the table playing with the hem of Marco's shirt. Maybe she hates me or something. "Okay. I'll take you to the mall tomorrow then. I have the day off." She continued playing with the hem of her shirt.

Yeah. She hates me.


"Have you sent out the slave Cain?" asked Keiran with a small and obviously intoxicated girl hanging at his arm.

"Yes Master." Cain nodded. "She shall do well. She has already gotten the trust of the Chosen one."


"Sooo. What store do you want to go to?" I said looking toward Kisha. She looked around the mall, hopefully deciding what store to go in. Seemingly making a decision she walked toward Hollister. After taking a few articles of clothing she looked toward me and handed me the clothes.

"Would you like to go anywhere else?"

She looked around once more, taking me to the escalator of the mall. Once again looking around she went into American Eagle. Or as I like to call it: Mexican Eagle.

As we walked in, my ears were invaded by the sound of Avril Lavigne's song 'Hot'. That song annoyed me to no end. I mean who says 'I'm gonna lock you in my closet when no ones around'? Would you, or would you not, be afraid if someone came up to you and said that? I cringed as the song continued, following Kisha around. After picking up a few things we (thankfully) left.

"Want something to eat?" I asked Kisha, struggling under the weight of my Hot Topic bags filled with tripp pants, arm warmers and band tees. She slightly nodded.

"Off to the artery-clogging food then! Well except for Subway... but no one likes Subway except those weird health nuts...and maybe the one dude who supposedly lost 245 pounds from eating it. But besides those people, who like it?"

Kisha stared at me.

And stared...

...And stared.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked cheerfully not affected at all by the strange stare-into-your-soul-stare....much.


Ah. Walking home with bags full of clothes and full stomachs such a ni-



I rushed Kisha along as the crazy Jehovah Witness people yelled at us.



"You must embrace God into your heart! Then you will find the way!"


"I violently dislike those people." I said, slamming and locking the door. As I walked to the kitchen I felt a searing pain in my body, as I fell to the floor.


He woke up in a sweat. His hair all but plastered to his face. He dreamed about her again as he always had when something went wrong. However he could never help it, no matter how much he wanted to. All he knew about the girl was her name and that she was unmistakably a vampire.

Forcing himself out of bed, he walked down to the lounge to watch the flat screen tv. Deciding on watching a video he looked through the gargantuan video case. Finally deciding on a tape he popped it in the VCR.

"Every day when your walking down the street," played softly as Liam relaxed on the couch.

'Nothing better then cartoons in the morning' he thought.

"DW I'm about to watch the dark bunny!"

Liam chuckled seeing Arthur's younger sister run out of the room as he pretended to watch 'Dark Bunny' the tv show, when he actually watched the Love Ducks--a baby show.


Waking up in a sweat I looked at my surroundings. My bedroom? Wasn't I in the kitchen? Looking over to my small night stand I picked up my cell phone. Eight pm! Where have I been? I tried not to think about the dream I had. Although the ending had not been all that bad.

I was running again. It was no longer the forest I had been accustomed to running in. This was completely different. Today he wasn't alone, he had friends. This forest was too big, too wide...too everything. It was no longer a maze of just trees. It was--it was a labyrinth filled with trees, roots and overgrown weeds. One wrong step and you could be down. Down and gone no one would ever see you again...at least not how they remembered you. You would be a monster. A monster out for blood and only that. You're friends gone, as a new fate was brought to you. An unwanted fate that you could do nothing about.

Suddenly a castle appeared through all the weeds, vines and trees. Taking a risk I walked toward the castle. I neared the edge of the forest, almost out, hopefully to never see him again. But I was pulled back. Thinking it was him, fear filled my body as it became rigid. "Don't worry I'll save you."

Walking into the living room I saw Takara pacing back and forth a worried look seemingly set on her face. "Takara?" I whispered not knowing why. She looked up surprised and then jumped on me.

"Jenny! You're alive! I thought you were a goner. You were out for days and I had no one to talk to except for Marco!!" I attempted to escape her grasp... and failed horribly. Until Marco decided to glomp us. Damn him and that anime nonsense. I mean have you seen some of those girls? They have boobs the size of Texas. It's so creepy I mean they turn around and knock someone out...oh wait. I think someone's trying to talk to me.

"Jenny? Jenny??!! Oh God I knocked her out crap...CRAP DON'T KILL ME TAKARA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT VASE I ACTUALLY LIKE THAT ONE--AHH SOMEONE HELP ME!" I looked up in a daze trying to figure out where my idiotic friends were.

Living room...no.



Kitchen...oh there we go, kitchen.

"You guys...YOU GUYS!" I watched as they both stopped looking like puppy's that know they just did something bad and are about to be punished.

"I won't make you guys any food if you don't stop. God knows what you ate while I was sleeping..." They both glanced at each other. "Well..." Marco said his puppy dog look wiped completely off his face and turned into another look completely. "Kisha has been cooking for us..." I looked at him in surprise. Kisha? The girl who has barely said a word since she got here cooked for them... and more surprising they aren't complaining? She must be a really good cook. I stared blankly. Then I pulled out some Cap'n Crunch. On cue the T.V turned on and I hear 'Crunchitize me Cap'n'.

That's such an odd commercial.


Scan. Scan. Scan. Sc- Oh snap...it's a rubiks cube.

We sell those here? I have to go get one later.

"Your total is 22.97, ma'am." Oh god, change...ew. "Thank you very much and have a nice day."

And this...is the story of my life. Until lunch time that is, but lunch is a whole hour away. An hour. 60 minutes. A whole lot of seconds.



Liam was sitting at his pond in the backyard. Unlike most vampire families, his was one of the few that had decided to live alongside with humans. He threw some bread crumbs into the pond for the fish before deciding to lay back and watch the clouds pass by. It had been his favorite thing to do when he was younger, just laying back and watching the clouds pass, finding shapes in them.

"LiLi!" called Liam's little sister, Maya. Liam sat up looking at her as she ran towards him. He loved his little sister even though she got on his nerves sometimes, just as any younger sibling does. He picked her up placing her in his lap.

"Look it, LiLi!" Maya exclaimed shoving a picture in his face. Liam took the childish drawing from her hands trying to make out what the scribbles were supposed to be.

"It's my castle and my prince!" she exclaimed.

"Oh. It's beautiful Maya."

"Are you gonna have a princess one day LiLi?" the 5 year old asked green eyes lighting up with excitement.

"Maybe Maya...I just have to find her first."

"Will you take me to the park, big brother?" Maya asked prodding her brother in the side with her tiny finger. "I wanna learn how to do the monkey bars by myself." Liam sighed getting up off the ground and nodding to his sister in agreement.



10 minutes is a sixth of an hour...

Which is 60 minutes.

60 minutes is when I started this countdown.

50 minutes ago.


9 is the age that I was unsuccessful at my 89th attempt to get out of the orphanage. Got my left pinky impaled by the barbed wire. Not a good day to say the least. Takara was disappointed in me.

Oh look 7 minutes left now! I'm happy now.

Wait I retract that statement. There's a customer about to get on my line with about a jillion things to buy. Fun.

Mini fan. Ceiling fan. Star magazine. Shampoo. Eyeliner. Cute Is What We Aim For CD. Strobe Lights...I want some strobe lights. Picture frame. Clock. Miniature wolf statue. Cat food. Fish food. Beads. That has to be the most random assortment of things to buy ever.