Got on the bus

about an hour ago.

People come, people go

but none of them know

that the guy in the back

is planning a big show.

An Ed Gein act

that's about ready to blow.

Then he looks me straight in the eyes

and a man's eyes never lie

so I get up to walk out

cause I don't wanna die.

Then I notice

all of this seems

like a real bad scene

and that's when I heard

the most horrific scream.

I hit the floor,

crawl to the door,

some stupid bitch in the back

just had a bad dream.

Next day I wake up.

Turn on the news.

Ten dead,

shot in the head.

Now what if that were true?

What would you do?

Sit at home and think

of all the shit you've been through?

Or find the ones you love

tell them "I love you"?

You should appreciate life

because today could be your last.

Try harder to strive

and not look back at the past.

But just like life. It's a lie.

I confess. You win.

But if life is a lie

and a lie is a sin.

What does the mean

in your comprehension?

Have you got it yet?

You still can't tell?

Fine I'll say it.

Fuck you. See you in Hell.