Sun and Star

I didn't believe in myself,

Because I didn't see anything,


You did.

You told me that I was brilliant, like a sun in the sky.

You made me sometimes feel like the most beautiful star in the outer space,
Glimmering with hope and wonder,

Holding on…

Just for you,

You made me feel like I was on top of the world,

You have that special gift of making someone loved,

Your kindling glow—

It echoes around you,

Like a song of immense caring and everything else.

You changed me for the better,

Since your soul has been with me,

It's stopped me from doing stupid things,

Things that a normal person wouldn't do.


You deserve better than me.

My being here is tarnishing your life and soul,

I don't want to rust it,

I've already damaged it enough.

Don't be sad,

Please don't cry,

I realize that you are a blessed person,

Welcomed in the arms of me, anytime.

My feelings for you are indefinite,

I am in a blur,

I need some time to think them through.

All I ask of you…

Is that we go on a little break of our immediate love,

That you so proclaim,

I need to sort them out.

You need to think as well,

Please get of this fluffy cloud that you see in front,

It's never going to last,

I'm moving away, and things won't be like the past,

My feelings are wavering,

I don't know what to think anymore,

My heart yearns to soar,

What happened to my heart,

Who knows?

My so called existent brain is gone,

Trying so hard to reminisce in the good times,

When everything was so easy,

My stomach, at the slightest hint of you wanting to talk to me, it went extremely queasy.

What happened to the times where I wanted to throw up?

The long conversations that I knew we both loved,

I know we both hated school, but we believed that the sight of each other made it all better,

Our experiments in Chemistry lab, where we were supposed to be in a group,

In our favorite subject, History, oh, the great times.

I know you can feel this drift away from each other,

Please don't deny it, you know it's true.

You are the sun, shining brightly,

Already the biggest star in the painted sky,

And I am the littlest star, glimmering above,

In the night, hoping for a glimpse of that shooting star to wish upon…

You outshine me in everything,

Don't be ashamed,

Take pride in it,

It is one of your many wondrous gifts.

God gave them to you to use and fulfill,

Your life complete with them,

There is a reason why he chose a special guy like you to have them,

And it does not involve me in any shape or form.

I am blocking your way,

Your sunshine,

This darkness hole that longs for just one touch,

You need to get better than this little nothing,

You deserve a someone to give you that something.

Please take some time out of your hectic life,

Think about this,

Ponder about the whole package,

Think of the future and not the past,

Can't you see that this won't last?

You can hold me in your heart,

When we finally set apart,

You will be in mine too,

Just as a memory,

A great one, that I may add,

I will be always be here for you,

But just as a friend,

You can forevermore talk to me,

This love thing isn't going to work.

Seek out that other girl,

Start the journey now,

Don't get caught up all in me,

Ignore the woes and pleas,

I promise, I will be okay,

I'll find my place and start my own.

You are ready to go on,

Get that beautiful girl,

She's fun-loving, caring, and sweet,

I definitely can't compete.

I know I can't beat,

This one true love he has for you,

Just get me done and over with,

You'll see it's for best,

I'm the bottom of the barrel,

Don't you see the rest?

Pick them.

Pick her.

I conclude this little story of mine,

Just give it time,

This pain and suffering will subside,

This is for the better,

In dreams and hopes of you,

I wish that you will not despise me for what I do,

Thank you for everything,

You made me a better person,

Just know that I have changed because of you.