Words slowly lose meaning. Am I running out of time?

Who is there left to lie to? I cannot lie to him. I could never lie to myself.

Heaven never lasts very long. Maybe that is my fault.


Transitional, indescribable, flitting from one place to another. So many changes, too many to remember.

When life moves so quickly, how can you live for today?

Everything happens for a reason. But who is it that knows all of these reasons?


The words blurred, the lines blurred, our worlds blurred. Veracity, truth, realism blurred with fabrication, mirages, daydreams.


I forget to keep a piece of my heart for myself. Forever displaying my life to the world, my eagerness getting the best of me.

It is a question of commitment, a question of sanity. I don't have the answer.

I have never known where to draw the line.

So I continue to share the pain. Only then can you reap contentment.


Are you fearless in your dreams? Or will these uncertainties stand the test of time?

Fortitude alone cannot breed courage nor hope. Only a strange madness lies beyond this point.

The heart is stranger than fiction.


I lay it all on the line. I tell it just as it is. No one will hear me, nonetheless. But at the very least, I will have this tranquility. I will find my peace, written along these wistful shadows.

One pure faith. One simple heart. One sincere love.

Clarity comes at a price. These words linger on. It is no one's writing but my own.